Sasha Pat

Sales Consultant
Mobile: 0432 062 641

Born into the real estate industry, bred in the Bentleigh area, Sasha Pat has property in her blood and her local area in her heart! A natural communicator who studied Public Relations at Deakin University, Sasha has a strong connection to the local real estate market - with a family business building and developing in the area across decades and through multiple property cycles.
This connection to the local real estate market has fuelled Sasha's passion for the industry as she has seen the lifestyle, homes and rewards that characterise this booming area. Working closely with Simon Wood and Simon Pintado, Sasha is the organisational centre around which the two Simons sales successes revolve, as she ensures that every step of the sales process is simply seamless.
An intuitive organiser whose day is ordered by comprehensive checklists, a tight timetable and a commitment to being both proactive and responsive, Sasha finds her background in Public Relations adds depth to her already formidable skills. Whether it's opening avenues of discussion with potential buyers, responding promptly to vendors' queries, or passing on feedback from open-for-inspections, Sasha's communication skills are an invaluable resource.
While Sasha's warmth and approachability are undeniable, it's her ability to direct every interaction towards a successful outcome that adds the greatest value. Goal-driven and endlessly energetic, Sasha's desire to win is evident, so it's no surprise to discover that she was formerly a competitive tennis player. Now with most weekends committed to serving up the area's best real estate, her focus is on putting her vendors ahead of the competition!

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