Lynda Gao

Marketing and Administration Manager
Mobile: 0415 185 225

With 5 years' experience as a marketing manager for development companies, Lynda Gao has successfully organised and managed hundreds of marketing campaigns for her clients.
A natural extrovert and hard worker with an eye for detail, Linda attributes this success to thorough preparation, time management and building a positive rapport with people.
Lynda was born in China and now calls Melbourne's eastern suburbs home.
"My father works in the construction industry overseas and I share his passion for buildings, designs and project management process," says Lynda. "But the most satisfying thing about my job is developing good relationships with my clients and colleagues."
Lynda achieved a Master of International Business from Central Queensland University and is a certified agent's representative. Her remarkable inter-personal skills allow her to converse fluently with her clients in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.
After a few years in education, Lynda made the switch to the development industry where she thrived on the fast pace and challenge. She has independently run mid-sized projects and held roles as an administrator and marketing manager. With this strong foundation behind her, Lynda is the perfect person to help her clients achieve their objectives.
Feedback from her clients confirms that Lynda is fantastic at her job. The multi-cultural Buxton team is a great fit for Lynda; she appreciates the camaraderie and support that she finds there.
In her spare time Lynda enjoys swimming and is very involved in her community, teaching Chinese in schools in Melbourne's eastern suburbs.

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