Danielle Clarke

Senior Property Manager

With almost two decades in the industry across the commercial and residential sectors, Danielle Clarke is an experienced Property Manager with expertise at all levels of the market. Working from the city to outer suburbs, Danielle's career has encompassed everything from office space to factories, and multi-million dollar homes to single bedroom apartments. Along the way, she has applied the same skills of negotiation, organisation and intuition to ensure clients and their tenants receive impeccable care.

Regardless of where, or with whom, she is working, Danielle's ability to build lasting relationships and create on-going loyalties is unparalleled. Central to her management approach is a genuine interest in people ....and a commitment to let that interest work both ways - with transparent communication and open feedback for both landlords and tenants.

An adept judge of character with an eye for an excellent tenant, one of Danielle's favourite aspects of the job is meeting and interacting with tenants at open-for-inspections, judging their appropriateness to the property, and the watching as they make that property their home. But her most favourite part is reporting back to her landlords that they have a happy and committed tenant!

This hospitality and positivity informs every aspect of Danielle's approach. Strongly committed to her own home and family, she understands the importance of finding and making a welcoming home. In her own home in the southern bayside suburbs, Danielle's life revolves around her family and friends. To her, family relationships are the key to a happy and fulfilled life ....just as, at work, good relationships are the key to a happy and successful tenancy!

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