Agent Life - The Lockdown Edition: Dimitri Damianos



In our new column, Agent Life: The Lockdown Edition, we catch up with our Buxton agents at home to find out what they've been up to since lockdown restrictions were imposed in August.

As an agent who likes to keep it raw & real, Buxton Oakleigh Sales Consultant, Dimitri Damianos, has taken lockdown as an opportunity to self-reflect and become a more motivated agent for his buyers and sellers. We catch up with him to find out how he's been going during Stage 4 lockdown...

What’s your hot tip for buyers and sellers post lockdown?

I think for sellers it’s get ready now. Declutter, fix what you can around the house & work to a timeline because buyer enquiry has been solid over this lockdown period & I feel personally that buyers are very motivated to purchase - they have a genuine appetite and I think sellers will benefit from this buyer surge. For buyers, I feel take advantage of what this market is offering.

What’s been the upside for the industry?

Sounds cliche, but how well we can adapt. Never would I have thought an Online Auction was slightly successful, but it’s becoming the new norm now. It’s a different way to work. Contracts are being signed electronically whether it be Auction or Private Sale and that’s something that will continue for us. We are super lucky we have these platforms that allow us to keep working, albeit in a unique way.


How will lockdown help you as an agent?

I’ve enjoyed the FaceTime/ZOOM approach with clients/vendors & communicating not even just about real estate but just life in general. I think this lockdown has made me appreciate what is truly valuable to me as a person, and that I’m fortunate to have a roof over my head, food on the table & family/friends that are only a call away. I think it has helped me realise how much more I want to keep working to be better every day and keep helping buyers buy & sellers sell.

What’s one thing you’ve learned about yourself during lockdown? 

Embracing vulnerability definitely. There’s been times where you do feel a little anxious & you just have to ride the wave. I think sometimes work can be a facade and we don’t spend enough time focusing on ourselves because we are too busy. I’ve been reading books, podcasting so much more than usual, and that’s something I will be continuing post lockdown. 

Dimitri Damianos

What shows are you hammering on Netflix?

I finally got to go watch all of SUITS which is the best series I’ve ever watched & also KINGDOM (which made me go and get a boxing bag) 

Now I’m scrambling to find something else! 

Suits TV Show

Dimitri Damianos is Sales Consultant at Buxton Oakleigh and can be contacted via mobile 0412 092 944 or email or you can follow him on Instagram @dim.damianos