Agent Life: The Lockdown Edition - Emily Whitehead



In our new column, Agent Life: The Lockdown Edition, we catch up with our Buxton agents at home to find out what they've been up to since lockdown restrictions were imposed in August.

For Buxton Mentone's Emily Whitehead, lockdown has enabled her to slow down and appreciate the little things in life. Here, the Supermum chats to us about her life in lockdown, how she thinks the market will fare on the other side, and her hot tips for buyers and sellers as we exit Stage 4.

How will lockdown help you as an agent?

It has made me slow down and concentrate on all the positive times/things and outcomes. It has made me realise how important being an optimistic person is - people are drawn to happy and positive people whether in real estate or just day to day life. 

What’s your prediction for the post lockdown market?

I believe there will be a rush of homes sold due to the inability of buyers being able to transact over the last 6 weeks. After that I think prices will start to drop with less buyers looking to purchase and more sellers putting their homes on the market to reduce some financial pressure. 


What’s your hot tip for buyers and sellers post lockdown?

For buyers this is a great time to do some research- work out the suburbs you would like to concentrate on and the key attributes of a home you are looking for. Making sure you have all your finances in order will be very advantageous in being able to act quickly when we come out of lock down. 

For sellers this is a great time to spend time finishing off a few things around the home (touch painting, gardening etc). Also giving the home a really good clean and declutter will assist in making sure you present the home in the best possible manner


Who are you in lockdown with?

My partner and 10 month old daughter

What’s one thing you really took for granted Before Lockdown? 

So many things - everything really. We live in such a wonderful city with some many things to do and see. I will certainly spend more time appreciating these things when we are able to go, see and visit them. 

What’s one thing you’ve learned about yourself during lockdown? 

To slow down and appreciate the small things. 

What’s your favourite lockdown activity?

 Going for a walk along the beach.

Describe your lockdown routine.

Morning walk along the beach. Play with my 10 month old daughter then spend time working and catching up with clients on the telephone. Later in the afternoon I spend time making something I wouldn't normally make for dinner, as I have the time to do so.


What's the first thing you'll do post-lockdown?

Catch up with family and friends

Where’s the first place you’ll eat?


Where’s the first place you’ll travel? 

Anywhere hot that will open its borders to us :)

What’s on your Spotify heavy rotation?

The Best of the Wiggles.

What shows are you hammering on Netflix?

The Best of the Wiggles on repeat!!

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Emily Whitehead is an Associate Director and Sales Manager of Buxton Mentone and can be contacted via mobile 020 997 276 or email, or you can follow her on Instagram @emily_whitehead_realestate.