Jaryd Bray

Leasing Executive
Mobile: 95639933

More than just a "people person" Jaryd Bray is a "people expert" whose ability to read, relate to, and connect with people at all levels adds real value to the leasing process. Educated at Melbourne Grammar, with a major in Criminology at the University of Melbourne, and a decade of experience in customer service (including at the prestigious Melbourne Cricket Club), Jaryd - has both the qualifications and talent to make rewarding decisions on behalf of his landlords.

Both thorough and intuitive, Jaryd is quick to note that his role involves a strong balance between proven facts and personal judgement. His own good judgement is just the start, Jaryd is meticulous in reference checking and research - never stopping until he has a clear and complete picture of the potential tenant. It's an approach that brings success; as he finds his initial judgements are born out by the written and anecdotal information he uncovers.

But it's not just about selecting the most appropriate tenant. Expert in managing the personalities and interests on both sides of a lease, Jaryd's approach is founded in a respect for both his clients' and tenants' interests. Committed to open and easy communication, Jaryd says transparent communication is the key to a successful relationship and he is always prepared to stand by his recommendations - either for, or against, a particular tenant.

Originally drawn to work at the MCC by a love of sport, Jaryd remains highly active - with a love for playing tennis spilling over into a sideline passion for spectating at sport of all types. Brought up in the country (in the beautiful Macedon Ranges), Jaryd has personal experience of the value of 'home' and of the importance of helping tenants find their place in the world. Always prepared to go the extra mile for both tenants and landlords, Jaryd looks for a win-win ...and the most winning deal for his landlord.

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