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Buxton launches Auctioneer Accreditation

BUXTON UPDATE | 3rd June 2024

It has been described as street theatre; the classic three act structure of set up, climax and resolution. Where the property ownership dream is pitched to an audience of potential buyers and onlookers, each caught up in the drama of the moment, with all not quite sure how this performance will play out. Few roles in real estate are as pressured or as precarious and preparation is everything – all the more reason to enrol in Buxton’s Auctioneer Accreditation Course.

Australian Property Forecasts from REA’s Chief Economist

MARKET UPDATE | 23rd April 2024

Recently Buxton Real Estate Group CEO, Marcus Williams sat down with Cameron Kusher, Director of Economic Research with REA Ltd Group ( Few people, if any, could provide a more informed picture of the Australian property market or better predict what we can expect. The result is a must read for home buyers, property investors and renters.

Longmuir Leads as Buxton’s First Woman Board Member.

AGENT SPOTLIGHT | 22nd March 2024

Buxton is thrilled to appoint Holly Longmuir to the Buxton Board. Holly has been in Buxton’s sights for some time as one of Melbourne’s most successful businesswomen and 100% owner of a multi-office group.

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