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Agent Spotlight: Sophie Kennedy-Rush

AGENT SPOTLIGHT | 13th March 2024

Single mum, investment property expert, businesswomen’s advocate, wine lover, foodie and long term Geelong local. Sophie Kennedy-Rush is a powerhouse with a passion for life and professional reputation that precedes her. In fact, it was Sophie’s good name that scored her a role at Buxton, with a specially created managerial position.

High-yielding commercial properties deliver lucrative returns

COMMERCIAL | 12th March 2024

Commercial property investors are reaping excellent rewards from their purchases in the greater Ballarat region. These high-yielding properties present a golden opportunity for those seeking lucrative returns, according to Buxton Ballarat director Mark Nunn.

Passion for property still burns for top bayside agent, Wes Belt

AGENT SPOTLIGHT | 26th February 2024

After more than four decades’ involvement, Wes Belt’s passion for property continues to shine. Into his 44th year in the industry, he still loves everything about it, from listing a property to the buzz of an auction, and helping buyers put a roof over their heads.

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