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Why Buxton

At Buxton, we pride ourselves on our network synergy: we have over 20 offices with one centralised buyer database. Every office and every agent works in harmony to ensure the widest possible target audience is attracted to each and every property we sell. Our single-minded objective has been to look at how our network as a whole can add more value to our clients.

Strategic Marketing & Deep Market Knowledge

Find out how our industry experience, market knowledge and high-impact marketing can help your house stand out from the crowd.

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Our Selling Process - 6 steps to help you sell your home

1. Choose an agent

With over 200+ agents across the Buxton network, we have an expert in your local area. An agent will assist you with guiding your through the sales process.

2. Choose a time to sell

Take into consideration your own personal commitments and family’s plans. You should also consider seasonal trends and the market conditions.

3. Make necessary repairs

Your property might need some repairs. Your Buxton agent can advise you on areas to focus on and can assist you with connecting you with recommended trades.

4. Presenting your home

One of the most important steps in the process. Making sure the property is as minimalist as possible, you might want to consider a professional styling company.

5. Choose a sales method

There is a number of ways to sell your property, such as auction, private sale and expression of interest. In Victoria the most popular method is Auction, however your agent will guide you through the options and recommend the best method to suit your needs.

6. Have realistic expectations

Research the current market, access recent sales data and set yourself a rough idea on the value. Then discuss with your agent about their estimated selling price. An agent will have a great insight based on local trends, current supply and demand and other influencing factors.

Method of Sale


Public Auction

This is the most popular method in high demand areas. Competitive bidding can often generate results that exceed expectations.


Private Sale

A popular option that gives the vendor more control over the selling process, private sales are often less urgent resulting in less pressure on the vendor to accept an offer.


Expression of Interest

Part private sale and part blind auction, potential buyers are asked to submit their highest offer by a set date, without knowing the vendor’s asking price.


Off Market Sale

Ideal for sellers who prefer not to advertise their property or run a campaign of formal open-for-inspections.


Sale by Tender

With a closing date for offers, this method is used for very large properties, major developments or multiplicity of use.

How much is your property worth now?

We’ve built our reputation for being true local area experts. We’ve acquired more knowledge on buyer interest, our neighbourhoods and the market than any other brand because we live locally and work for locals.

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Deciding to sell your home is a big deal, and we understand the process can be a stressful one.
We’re here to help make your journey easier—connect with us to find out how we can assist.

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