Longmuir Leads as Buxton’s First Female Board Member.

Buxton is thrilled to appoint Holly Longmuir to the Buxton Board. Holly has been in Buxton’s sights for some time as one of Melbourne’s most successful businesswomen and 100% owner of a multi-office group.

 Her Mornington Peninsula real estate business she started with four people nine years ago, now encompasses four locations and 47 team members. Not surprisingly, Holly was chased by many real estate firms, all of which she rejected, usually without even taking a meeting. But Buxton changed that.

‘Buxton were a stand-out. They knew my values and my morals, they knew my team, they were loquacious and inquisitive. And they were very much open to being progressive and the leaders in real estate, particularly around equality.’

While working with Buxton appealed, Holly considered their proposal very carefully. ‘I wanted to understand the lay of the land. I had some apprehension about being a Board Member. As much as it’s wonderful to have the title, I take the responsibility very seriously.’

Holly can already see real strength in this union, that their purpose and values align. ‘We know we have our gaps. We’re still learning together. But there’s a wonderful synergy that we have as a collective that is shining through and that’ll make us the ones to watch.’

Business relationships matter more to Holly than profits. ‘I have never been driven by money. Instead, I thought I’m working eight to 10 hours a day, I need to love this. I believe in the concept that if you’re happy, good things follow.’ Going by Holly’s impressive track record her approach has certainly been working. 

 Holly also aims to retain a team of happy people. ‘We don’t treat people who earn more money with a greater level of importance than the people who open the office on a Saturday morning. We’ve got to grow together.’

 Family is a huge part of who Holly is. ‘I’ve got an incredible husband who is my backbone.’ Holly also has three children and prides herself on leading by example. ‘As a parent it’s so important for them to see how you operate as a businessperson.’ It could be a case of history repeating. Holly’s father is a real estate legend, a veritable institution for over 40 years. In fact, Holly started working with her dad at the tender age of 16 doing open for inspections and cleaning the office.

Holly certainly brings a wealth of experience to the Buxton Board. A career that started working for her Dad, while studying at Swinburne, later progressed to stints with many real estate agents here and in the UK. But it was Holly’s unrivalled business acumen and stand-out reputation that saw her approached time and again by the big real estate brands.

Holly is refreshing. A spokesperson at Buxton’s inaugural International Women’s Day breakfast, Holly spoke from the heart, but that’s just what everyone has come to expect from this ever sharing, always learning, forever caring businessperson.

 For all these reasons and one more—Holly’s dare to dream approach—Buxton is immensely proud to have her on the Board.

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Holly longmuir IWD