Buxton launches Auctioneer Accreditation

It has been described as street theatre; the classic three act structure of set up, climax and resolution. Where the property ownership dream is pitched to an audience of potential buyers and onlookers, each caught up in the drama of the moment, with all not quite sure how this performance will play out. Few roles in real estate are as pressured or as precarious and preparation is everything – all the more reason to enrol in Buxton’s Auctioneer Accreditation Course.


Refined by one of the industry’s best 

Mathew Cox is more than a Buxton Director and Auctioneer. He is an industry identity; a finalist in the Senior and Novice Auctioneer Competition; as well as the go to for charity auctions staged by the likes of our country’s most respected fundraisers, including the National Breast Cancer Foundation. He has even appeared in living rooms right across our nation, through his regular starring role on Channel 7’s ‘Under the Hammer’. In all, 25 years of auctioneering prowess that has now been put to even more good use.

 “Having worked with up and coming auctioneers in the past, Buxton approached me with the idea of developing this course,” Mathew explained. Not one to do anything by half measures, this was always going to be more than just procedures and processes. Over and above maintaining a minimum set of standards, students are required to strive for and achieve excellence, their accreditation relies on it.

The course is six weeks in duration

“The first four weeks are theory based,” Mathew shared. “We focus on all facets of auctioneering from scripts and dialogue, to the process of conducting auctions and managing bidding.” The final two weeks are practical, with everything from actual script writing, complying with rules and regulations, as well as how best to handle bidders in their many and varied guises. 

The curriculum even includes guidance on how to dress, present, communicate, while always being mindful to treating all parties with respect.

 Mathew is keen to stress that while the training process has been modelled on Buxton’s very high standards, this is also about self-development. “Many agents have only been privy to the auctioneers in their own office. Exposure to different methods is important in broadening their perspectives. The more information they gain, the better they can develop their own individual personalities and styles.”

Open to all real estate agents 

While the Auctioneer Accreditation Course was developed to meet Buxton’s meticulous criteria, it is open to everyone in the industry; the prerequisites being that you need to be a sales agent and have your Certificate 4 in Real Estate. Launched in April 2024, the course has already had an influx of registrations, a trend Buxton is sure will increase even more with time.

It goes without saying that agents keen to secure employment with Buxton have been among the first to enrol. However, Buxton’s goal was never just confined to recruitment. As an advocate of best practice, Buxton felt it was their responsibility to put this comprehensive training and accreditation course in place, not only for the students, but also for the benefit of vendors and purchasers.

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