Sam Maley

Director & Auctioneer
Mobile: 0433 971 116

An exuberant approach a whole-hearted demeanour and an unwavering dedication to each and every one of his clients are the hallmarks that attribute Sam Maley as the youngest ever director within the Buxton network.

Joining the expert team at Buxton Bentleigh at just 19, alongside acclaimed estate agent, Chris Hassall, Sam's experience from an invaluable apprenticeship has since seen him become a highly regarded mentor to fellow colleagues.

A brilliant negotiator and the consummate people person, Sam has honed his skills as a communicator in auctioneering. From the first meeting to the third and final call, Sam ensures a stress-free campaign is met, and a client's sale price is maximised.

A testament to his energy, enthusiasm and aptitude for networking, Sam's omnipresence in the market place spans from the South East Bayside to the vast expanse of Glen Eira.

A talented footballer, with a strong connection to Sandringham Zebras and a sterling career at Caulfield Grammar, he knows the importance of teamwork, the aspects of leadership and the highlights of a successful outcome.

But it's his commitment to property that really brings out his competitive edge. From repeat business to record sales, Sam's genuine care and concern for his clients stems far beyond the final contract, having a reputation that rests chiefly on being the areas attraction agent.

Having bought and sold in the high-demand McKinnon Zone market, and then later securing property in Bentleigh East, he knows how to build on the benefits of a location, highlight the advantages of an individual property... and help potential buyers find their own passion for his clients' properties.

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