Leigh Fletcher

Sales Consultant
Mobile: 0419 367 228

A Bayside local through and through, Leigh Fletcher's active life revolves around sport, social and business networks developed over a lifetime in the area. A current committee member, former premiership Captain and still sometime player at Hampton Rovers, Leigh is a familiar face in the Bayside sporting and business world. Retaining additional strong connections with the Sandringham East Junior Football Club and Hampton Cricket Club, Leigh even takes a regular place amongst the armchair experts at the Sandringham Club!

It's this love of the game (any competitive game!) that has brought success to Leigh's working life. Starting out in the hard-driving sales world of multi-national, Coca Cola, before moving to the more grounded environment of the property services and real estate industries, Leigh's desire to win, and ability to play fair, set him apart. Working closely with Buxton Director, Romana Altman, Leigh is a true team-player - whose first priority is to achieve the highest possible selling price for his clients.

Recognising that a winning outcome flows from a disciplined approach, Leigh understands the hard work behind every high-achieving result. As such, he takes personal responsibility for every aspect of the process ...and stands ready to provide feedback at every stage. For his vendors, this leads to a high-accountable sales experience that ensures every deadline is pre-empted, every call returned and every piece of paperwork explained.

Married to a teacher at a local private school with on-going connections to his own school, St. Leonards College, Leigh's already strong local knowledge and networks continue to grow. Now raising his own young family in the area, Leigh naturally understands the aspirations of so many local home-owners and investors - and he's keen to share with them the opportunities that come with an active Bayside life.

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