Noel Susay

Mobile: 0450-069-506

Exceptionally experienced, widely well-known and based by the bay, Noel Susay is rightly proud of a career that has seen him achieve stellar sales, build businesses, and become a Director of one of Buxton's biggest offices. But through all these career highlights, Noel says he is most proud that he has never lost hold of the connection he has made with clients and vendors along the way.
In keeping with the high-service ethic of Buxton Hampton East, Noel is a hands-on agent, whose first priority is his clients and their properties. Always on call and effortlessly on hand at every stage of the process, Noel is the primary advocate for every one of his properties. That means he is engaged in every aspect of the sale - from opening the door to buyers at open-for-inspections, to taking calls and providing feedback during the campaign, to commanding every moment of the auction or negotiation.
It's this highly personalised approach that has seen Noel become one of the Bayside and Kingston areas' most readily referred agents. In an area and a market where word-of-mouth is crucial, Noel has built his business around personalised service and premier results. As a result, he has a loyal client base, an extensive potential buyer database, and a reputation building excellent relationships on all side of the negotiating table.
These relationships are not just built on business. As a local resident, Noel's investment in the community extends to key sponsorships of local sporting and community organisations. He is an active participant and major sponsor of the Rotary Club of Hampton and a familiar face at local events - from Farmers Markets, to footy finals. Along with his memorably-named partner, Meg Ryan, Noel is raising his two sons, Leon and Maximus, in a continued spirit of local involvement - one that involves another level of commitment from Noel; as taxi-driver from footy, to taekwondo, and further!

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