2020 Architecture & Design Trend Predictions

2020 Architecture & Design Trend Predictions

Architecture and design trends have been continuously shifting over time, with new textiles, shapes and lifestyle preferences having a huge impact on the way we design and live in our homes. 

Whether you are building your home from the ground up, or thinking of renovating to add some 2020 flair, it is always good to keep up-to-date with the latest in home design.

Staying on the pulse of architecture and design trends isn’t a simple task, but we have pulled together our list of predictions on what we anticipate seeing more of throughout 2020. Think terrazzo, textures, storage spaces and more. Peep our list below to get all the details…

Camouflage Kitchens

What is better than having lots of storage in the kitchen? Having invisible storage. Lots of cabinetry is being used in homes to create the illusion of having no cupboards, giving kitchen spaces a seamless look and feel.

Design: @minosa_design

Bold Blockier Shapes

Think angular, think bold, think block-like. It’s predicted that we may start to see a shift from softer shapes to very graphic and blockier shapes in home design. We have started to see this shift in home designs with many showcasing a more square and minimalist shape to them (as pictured), but in 2020 we could be seeing them more often. 

Design: @dangayferdesign

Photographer: @deanbradleyco

Statement Doorknobs

One of the easiest ways to update or transform the look and feel in your home is by changing the doorknobs and cabinet hardware. A stress-free way to add some fresh personality and interest into homes without tearing entire rooms apart. 

Photographer: @tvdvphotography

Mixing Textures

Textures are here, and here to stay. We are anticipating that we will continue to see lots of different textures and finishes used throughout homes this year. Timbers, concrete, exposed brick, ceramics, stone and more all mixed together and used to create interest and dimension.

Architect: @caseybrownarchitecture

Picture: @micnic_pics


Terrazzo is one bold material, and we love seeing it used for kitchen islands, bathroom floors, splashbacks and more. We think terrazzo is going to make an even bigger splash in 2020, with many people using the super chic material as a feature across their homes.

Design: @taylorknightsarchitects 

Photographer: @blachford

Archways & Curves

Curves are already on the scene in the world or architecture and interior design, and we think we will be seeing much more of them in 2020. Curves and archways soften homes, create interest, and look super impressive - imagine arched walkways, round windows and even curved walls.

Design: @mihalyslocombe

Photographer: @tatjanaplitt

All-Year Outdoors

Who doesn’t love spending time in their backyard? Many homes can be limited to only enjoying their outdoor areas in the warmer weather, but we think 2020 will feature more homes that create outdoors spaces that can be used all-year round.

Design: @taylorpresslyarchitects

Photographer: @jaimediazberrio