2021 Victorian Rental Reforms

Buxton - 2021 Victorian Rental Reform

In Victoria, over 130 new rental regulations came into effect on 29 March 2021 as part of the 2021 Victorian Rental Reforms.

The reform covers everything from rules around commencing a rental agreement, living in the premises, and repairs and modifications to the premises. It is important both renters and rental providers are across these changes to ensure you understand the new regulations and how you and/or your property may be impacted.                                                                                     

Changes have come into effect across the following areas:

  • New language and terminologies used
  • Modifications renters can make to rented premises without asking the rental provider for consent
  • Rental agreement terminations
  • Urgent repairs and maintenance
  • Who can conduct maintenance and checks on the property
  • Compliance and safety related activities
  • Grounds of entry to the property for open for inspections and routine inspections
  • Pets

Understanding these changes and their overall impact to you and your property can be difficult, but we are here to help.

For further clarification on the 2021 Victorian Rental Reforms and how they impact you, we recommend you read through our FAQ:

This document will take you through the points listed above and provide additional insight into the purpose of the reforms, when they come into effect for your property, and what you need to do to ensure your property is compliant.

You can also find further information by reading our Web Book:

A Guide to the Changes and How Rental Providers can Prepare for the Changes

Our team of property managers are well versed in the new reforms and will be able to guide you through the impact they may have on your particular property. If you have read the FAQ’s and have further questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with your property manager to discuss the reforms today.