Agent Life - The Lockdown Edition: Paul Sibley



In our new column, Agent Life: The Lockdown Edition, we catch up with our Buxton agents at home to find out what they've been up to since lockdown restrictions were imposed in August.

For Hampton East Director, Paul Sibley, lockdown has allowed him to take the time to slow down and assess how lockdown has changed the industry for the better, and reflect on the emotional impact on him and his mental wellbeing. 

What’s one thing you’ve learned about yourself during lockdown?
I’m not invincible and that mental health and self-care are more important than ever

How will lockdown help you as an agent? 
Efficiency gains and increased empathy

How will lockdown help the industry?
Making thing much more efficient and increased care factor

What’s been the upside for the industry? 
Utilisation of technology, increased awareness and care for each other and our clients, time to slow down and realise what is most important in our lives.


What’s your hot tip for buyers and sellers post lockdown? 
For buyers – have your finance approved, contracts checked for properties you think you may be interested in and as much due diligence done on the property as possible to ensure you are ready to strike and get the jump on your competition. 
For sellers – use the extra time that lock-down has given us to prepare your home and have it looking its best, get your contract of sale prepared and as much done to get the jump on your selling competition so that the demand vs. supply equation is in your favour as much as possible!

What’s your prediction for the post lockdown market? 
There will be quite a bit of pent up buyer demand given that everything has essentially been “on hold” so the first few weeks could present quite a frenzy of activity. Given the year will quickly come to a close, things like settlement timing around Xmas and kids schooling will be important for convenience and lining up dates and holidays for buyers and sellers alike. More supply should come through the market late 2020 and early 2021. Xmas will look much different this year!


Who are you isolating with? 
My partner, Natalie, and my two girls, Maya & Isla.

What’s one thing you really took for granted Before Lockdown? 
Travelling outside of 5km radius.

Describe your lockdown routine? 
More of a sleep in than usual, daily walk or run, a bit of extra eating and much more Netflix viewing!

What’s your favourite lockdown activity? 
Spending time with my girls.


What’s the first thing you’ll do post lockdown?
Travel (wherever we are allowed to) – just a drive down the coast would be nice.

Where’s the first place you’ll eat? 
I was booked in for Vue De Monde for my bday and had to cancel for lockdown so hopefully there!

Where’s the first place you’ll travel? 
Locally – Mornington Peninsula. Interstate – Byron Bay. Overseas – New York or Italy

What’s on your Spotify heavy rotation?

What shows are you hammering on Netflix? 
Obsessed with Suits and have been late to the party on this one!

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Paul Sibley is Director & Auctioneer at Buxton Hampton East and can be contacted via mobile on 0403 325 423 or email Follow Paul on Instagram @sibspaulbuxtonrealestate