Agent Life - The Lockdown Edition: Simon Pintado



In our new column, Agent Life: The Lockdown Edition, we catch up with our Buxton agents at home to find out what they've been up to since lockdown restrictions were imposed in August.

An advocate for the wellness of mind, body and soul, Buxton Bentleigh Director, Simon Pintado, has taken lockdown as an opportunity to self-reflect, re-energise and re-charge. We catch up with the superstar to find out how he's been going during Stage 4 lockdown...

How will lockdown help you as an agent?

It’s given me time to self reflect, relax, take some me time & come out of it ready and energised!

What’s one thing you’ve learned about yourself during lockdown? 

That I have a choice to control two things: me, and my mind.

What’s your prediction for the post lockdown market?

It’s going to kick, at least in the short term. Early 2021 is a big question mark.


What’s your hot tip for buyers and sellers post lockdown?
Act swiftly, times of turbulence don’t last forever. 

What’s been the upside for the industry? 

Demand has been pent up from a buyers persective, which means they will act & act quickly as we saw in stage 3.


Who are you in lockdown with?

Bear & my good friend Nathan.

What’s one thing you really took for granted Before Lockdown? 

Going out after 8pm!

What’s your favourite lockdown activity?

Jumping in the ocean!

Describe your lockdown routine.

Wake up, walk, jump in the ocean, sauna, work, train, walk, relax.


What's the first thing you'll do post-lockdown?

Go out to a nice restaurant and come home in the late evening/early morning with a group of friends!

Where’s the first place you’ll eat?


Where’s the first place you’ll travel? 

Anywhere outside of my 5kms


Simon Pintado is Director and Auctioneer at Buxton Bentleigh and can be contacted via mobile 0431 473 701 or email, or you can follow him on Instagram @simonpintado.