And the world's most liveable city is...


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...probably not where you think, especially if you're a Melburnian...

We Melburnians are a proud lot, aren't we? From our coffee culture to our dining scene, laneway bars to street art to our worshipping of the one true religion (AFL), we love our city and we love the fact that we constantly beat Sydney in the EIU's World's Most Liveable City survey, an accolade our beautiful city has gained for the last 80 million years. But that's just one survey. There are others, which, depending on who you ask (ie not a Melburnian) may be more reliable and more concise. 


Yes, Vienna, your al fresco dining and architecture is lovely, we get it, okay? Sheesh. Image via J.A Alcaide

One such 'other' survey considered to be one of the most comprehensive in the world but doesn't exist in the eyes of the Melburnian, is the Mercer Quality of Living Index, now in its 20th year. Created by the HR company to guide governments, multinational companies and employers when placing their staff in positions around the world, the survey ranks the quality of living in over 200 countries, based on 39 points covering personal safety, economics, environment (including traffic congestion and air quality), politics, health, education, public service and transport. 

 Taking out the number one spot for the ninth consecutive year was Vienna, Austria, for “high security, well-structured public transport and a variety of cultural and recreation facilities.”

zurich.jpgZurich: I bet you it's probably colder than it looks. Image via Russ Bowling

Second spot went to Zurich, followed by Auckland, Munich and Vancouver to round out the Top 5. 

munich.jpgMunich: well of course the beer capital of the world is in the Top 5.

The Top 20 consisted of cities largely from Western Europe (We should probably all just move to Germany), Canada, New Zealand and Australia whilst some cities dropped a few spots due to factors including rising air pollution and terrorism attacks. 

auckland.jpgAuckland: it's pretty much in Australia

And where did our Aussie cities sit in the rankings? Brisbane came in at no. 37 with Canberra, Adelaide and Perth landing at no. 30, 29 and 21 respectively. Melbourne ranked no. 16 which isn't the same as no. 1, but it's okay I guess. Perhaps very much unfairly, Sydney came in at equal 10th. Why? No one why would you want to live in Sydney with its pristine city beaches and parks, good public transport, recreational activities and excellent dining? It was probably more a sympathy vote. Lucky this survey doesn't count...

Source: Evening Standard