Architectural gems you must see in your lifetime

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The world is full of amazing architectural gems – Some we all know of, and others that are way off our radar.

From ancient structures to modern masterpieces, we have found 14 of the world's most gorgeous architectural works that we think everyone should see in their lifetime. Get your passports ready, because these creations are magnificent. 

Golden Pavilion: Kyoto, Japan

So peaceful and tranquil, The Golden Pavilion is a gorgeous, glistening architectural marvel. 

Image: @erenjam

Sydney Opera House: Sydney, Australia

One that is close to all us Aussies – you can’t think of amazing architectural design without including this magnificent piece of Australiana.

Image: @fumiyasutomi

Eiffel Tower: Paris, France

The epitome of romance, the Eiffel Tower is truly a work of art and is the most visited paid-for monument in the world. 

Image: @gogathermoments

Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque: Istanbul, Turkey

This masterpiece was built in the 1600s, and if you were impressed by the grand exterior, you will definitely love the interior made up of over 20,000 handmade tiles. 

Images: Business Insider

Neuschwanstein Castle: Bavaria, Germany

Doesn’t this castle look like something out of a Disney movie? In fact, Walt Disney apparently used this as his inspiration for the Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

Image: @neuschwanstein.castle

The Colosseum: Rome, Italy

Built in 72AD, this is truly one of the Ancient Roman’s greatest architectural feats.

Image:  @good2gogroup

Taj Mahal: Arga, India

The Taj Mahal is one of the most impressive works of art the world has seen, much deserving of it's listing as a  World Heritage Site. 

Image: @a.wanderingbookworm

Pyramids of Giza: Giza, Egypt

Everyyybody knows about the Pyramids of Giza, but to think that these were built in 2550-2490BC and are still standing today is incredible.

Image: @nourjarrous

Golden Temple

The Golden Temple: Amritsar, India

Gorgeous structure that is surrounded by a huge pool that glistens in the sunlight and looks breathtaking at night. 

Image: Business Insider

Las Lajas Sanctuary: Narino, Colombia

This sanctuary is so beautiful it almost looks like it has been photoshopped into the mountain. 

Image: @hposty

Flatiron Building: New York City, New York

This skyscraper was one of the first built in the glorious NYC, and you can see why it is a popular spot tourists like to visit. 

Image: @cristianorocha

Light of Life Church: Seoul, Korea

The exterior of this building is beautiful, but the inside is even more incredible! 

Image: @gracek__5

St Basil’s Cathedral: Moscow, Russia

Full of colour, this famous landmark in the centre of Moscow is such a unique architectural creation and great to photograph.

Image: @kingsenxcsl

Gardens by the Bay: Singapore

The most incredible gardens featuring not only these gorgeous architectural light-up super trees, but 101 hectares of gardens including a glass dome filled with flowers and greenery. Breathtaking. 

Image: @gardensbythebay