Get It Done: Boosting Natural Light At Home

How to brighten interiors in your home

Did you know that being exposed to natural light whilst at home can boost your mood and wellbeing? It is no wonder that homeowners rank natural lighting so highly when it comes to qualities they look for in a home!

If you’re home hasn’t been blessed with an abundance of natural light throughout, there are some great tricks and styling tips you can implement throughout your home to make your home feel brighter and larger. Let’s get it done!

Reflective surfaces

Mirrors, polished wooden or ceramic floors, reflective splash backs, high gloss furniture, metallic finishes, glass tabletops – Surfaces and styling items like these can really help enhance the natural light your home already has by bouncing the light off the surfaces and reflecting the natural light in your spaces. Adding more of these elements throughout your home will certainly make your home look and feel like it has more natural light throughout. 

Light colour scheme

Opting for lighter walls, cellings, furniture, and styling items will immediately make your home feel brighter and larger. Darker colours absorbs light rather than reflecting it, so steer away from dark tones within your space and when in doubt, think light.

Look at the garden

Are there trees, shrubs or climbing plants that are blocking natural light from coming through your windows? You may want to look at your garden to see if there is any gardening work you can do outside to ensure as much natural light as possible is coming inside.

Boosting natural light in your home

Opt for external doors with glass or window panels

This is a simple way you can encourage more light inside aside from your existing windows. Having glass external patio doors to your outdoor area allows more light to flood into your home and is a fantastic way to connect the indoors to the outdoors. You may also want to consider installing a front door that has frosted glass or window panels to ensure a little extra light can come into areas that may not be getting the light otherwise.

Add more artificial light

Adding lamps or strip lighting into areas of your home that do not get a lot of natural light can enhance the natural light that does come into your home, leading to spaces looking brighter all around. As you walk around your home, note down any spaces that seem to be darker throughout the day – it may be a corner, hallway, or an entire room, and think about different artificial lighting options you could incorporate into the styling of those spaces. It may be a simple as adding a table lamp.

Install skylights into your ceiling

Skylights are such an effective way to boost the natural light in your home. These allow more sunlight to come down directly into your home, and they often provide a more consistent light throughout the day as opposed to windows. If you really want to ramp up the natural light that you have coming into your home, skylights will certainly help the light flood on in. 

Boosting natural light in your home