INTERVIEW: Fiona Brancati, Kids Cuts Port Melbourne

Kids Cuts Port Melbourne

With the beach in your backyard and the Melbourne CBD only a hop, skip and a jump away, Port Melbourne residents truly get to enjoy the best of both worlds, making it a seriously attractive area that is rich with local businesses and lifestyle amenities.

Having worked in the Port Melbourne area for over 5 years, Fiona Brancati, owner of Kids Cuts, took the leap and started her own business on bustling Bay Street, where she not only enjoys providing an excellence service for her local customers, but all that Port Melbourne has to offer. 

We caught up with Fiona to learn more about what inspired her to open a business in Port Melbourne, along with her local recommendations and what she believes makes Port Melbourne such an attractive area to work, play & live in. 

It is always exciting to talk to local businesses owners! What inspired you to open up your own business, Kids Cuts, in Port Melbourne?

Over the years I have built up a very big clientele and I just found so much joy and reward working with kids. When I was 25 I told myself one day I will open up a kids salon and I just worked and saved really hard and when the time was right I did it and it's the best job I could possibly ever ask for! I just love my business so much. I love working.

What was it like to establish your business as we were coming out of Covid-19 lockdowns?

I opened the salon just after our big lockdown. Before then I was freelancing out of a salon for 5 years. I’m very blessed to have a big following that continues to support my business. Regardless of where I’m located, they all follow.

So the Port Melbourne residents have been supportive and receptive to the business?

Absolutely! They are so amazing, I just love connecting daily with so many wonderful people.

What ways do you encourage people to come and support your business, and then continue coming back? What is your secret sauce so to speak?

My kids concept is pretty unique. The experience is so much more than just a haircut. When you love doing what you do people come back. My secret sauce, well it is probably my Mum’s homemade cookies she bakes weekly for the kids. Everyone loves them, even the adults too.

Do you think there has been a shift in locals coming out to support their local shopping strips as opposed to big shopping centres like Emporium or the DFO, especially after coming out of lockdowns?

Absolutely, locals will always support their locals, that’s what the community is all about - Helping one another and supporting each others businesses.

How did you discover your passion for hair, and how long have you been working in the industry for?

I was 16 years old and all I wanted to do was play around with my hairstyles every day. It's funny, my teacher would tell me off at school because I was always so glammed up for school with my hair and makeup...I went to a private school and it definitely wasn’t allowed!! I decided it was what I wanted to do so off I went enrolling into Melbourne College of Hair and Beauty - loved that school so much. Wow, that was 20 years ago!

When you are not working in Port Melbourne, what do you like doing in the area? Are there any great food spots or boutiques you would recommend?

I love catching up for lunch with my fiancé, James Nicolaou, from Buxton Port Phillip, or exercising at Halo Gym in South Melbourne, or seeing Lily from Clear Skin Clinic Port Melbourne . There are so many lovely shops down Bay Street that I support I just love the community.

How would you describe Port Melbourne to someone who has never been to the area before?

Beautiful beaches, amazing dog parks, trendy cafes, restaurants and bars, unique shops, salons, beauty nails, fitness, luxury living, and so much more. People are warm and friendly.

Kids Cuts Port Melbourne

328 Bay Street, Port Melbourne 

Open Tuesday - Saturday from 9am-5pm 

Follow them on Instagram @kidscutsportmelbourne

Kids Cuts Port Melbourne
Kids Cuts Port Melbourne
Kids Cuts Port Melbourne