köntrast interiors' Trend Forecast 2020


Our good friend and köntrast interiors' leading lady, Donna d'Paul, gives us the low down on the interior styling and design trends we can expect to see a lot more of in 2020. Better start writing your 'must-have' list...


What’s on your design radar for 2020?

Interior design in 2020 is going to be greatly inspired by the 1970s, think rattan furniture, faux fur and natural linens. 

There are two distinct trends coming through; luxe velvet or natural rattan, which means there has never been a better time to buy either a pleated velvet or woven rattan bedhead.


How has the Scandi aesthetic evolved this year?

Say goodbye to the stereotypical Scandinavian palette of white and oak furniture! The ship has sailed and evolved to a much more dynamic coordination of colour and materials.

Layers of rattan and natural fabrics paired with handmade ceramics have been a divine addition to the well-known minimal ‘Scandi’ look.

On the other end of the spectrum; velvet, marble and gold are adorning our more high-end interiors and offering a luxurious feel with maximum impact.

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Many of the 2020 colour forecasts are inspired by a sense of calm and tranquility with plenty of rich navys and green hues in the mix. How will this translate into the interior space?

Lots of people are looking to creating their own personal sanctuary at home to escape their busy lifestyle. Creating calmness through the addition of these colours, using artwork and fabrics is a fantastic way to encourage a sense or tranquility.

Seasonal colours are most commonly explored through fabrics, cushions and accessories. Think of cushions and bedding as the in-home equivalent of shoes and jewellery in your wardrobe – they are a great way to jazz-up any staple without having to spend a fortune on new pieces!


What pieces are you currently dying to get your hands on right now?

Here at Kontrast, we are always drooling over original fine art. There are two particular artists who always inspire our interior design and colour trends: husband and wife duo, Jack and Corina Wyatt. They paint the most dynamic and brilliant masterpieces.  


You and your team style entire homes—what are your biggest tips for the home stylists who don’t necessarily have a budget (or need) to style a whole house?

The most important styling tip to consider is that the furniture should complement the functions of each space. Once the space is decluttered and well furnished, you can then add style through colour and pattern.


And what are your tips for styling a property for sale?

The main goal when styling your property for sale is to gain the greatest amount of interest from potential purchasers – and in turn, assist with achieving the maximum sale price!

Remember, people viewing the property are not visiting you; they are purchasing their next dream home!

Present the property in a fashion that creates a beautiful first impression and makes you stand out from the crowd! 


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