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As another year comes to close, we get Köntrast's leading lady, Donna D'Paul, to look into her crystal ball and give us the lowdown on the interior design trends we can expect to see in 2019.

Scandi and minimalism have been pretty huge in the last few years, and we don’t seem to be done with it. How has the style evolved and what do you think we’ll be seeing in the coming years?

Furniture design and styling is largely influenced by architecture and the materials applied. 

As interior designers, we specify furniture to best suit the architecture and the client’s lifestyle requirements. Therefore, as our needs evolve, so does design. 

Materials such as oak floors, marble tiles and black accents such as window frames and tapware are still predominately used in new architectural developments due to their ability to make a space feel inviting and of a long-lasting endurance. So, you can expect to see interior trends to remain Scandinavian for a long while yet. 

Why do you think Scandi is such a popular trend?

Scandi has remained popular due to its ability to provide us with designs that suit our bright and light filled Australian homes. Traditionally speaking Scandinavian design is well considered, beautifully proportioned and built to last; qualities that we all admire! 

Interior trends of late have had a strong connection with wellness, wellbeing and nature - why do you think this is the case and do you think this connection is here to stay?

Design trends are cyclical at the best of times. One thing we can all agree on, is the welcome return of the 1970s indoor plant trend. In recent times I believe we have recognised the benefits plants and nature provide for both our physical and visual pleasure. More than just looking pretty in a space, their organic presence offers cleansing energy in any interior environment. I believe they are likely to remain a critical element within interior design, as long as we are reminded of their magical physical benefits towards wellbeing. 

Colour experts are always forecasting the next big trends in hues, from seasonal palettes to the Colour of the Year. What palettes will be popular in interior design next year?

New colour trends can be difficult to pin-point, however there has been an ever-increasing presence of 1970s colourways. Yes, orange alongside green and mustard with touches of blue: we’ve seen it all before! However, there is a definite ‘earthiness’ to the colours introduced this year, with the styling following suit in a more relaxed layering of fabrics, rugs, cushions and artwork. 

What will be seeing more of in terms of 


Natural textures such as linen, wool, fur and leather have seen a huge presence in our homes in 2018 and are likely to only develop as designers explore new colour combinations. 


Who doesn’t enjoy an oak and marble coordination accompanied by a simple and classic white or grey tile? Classic finishes such as these have been well loved due to their warming presence. Where the fashions seem to vary is in the shape of the tile splash-back and the intensity of pattern they may offer. 


Along with the introduction of natural textures, the shape of furniture has also taken a more relaxed appeal. Sofas often having rounded edges with feather filled cushions to elicit a soothing and comfortable presence. A great deal of timber furniture has also been rounded at the edges to complement the soothing nature of other decorative elements such as wool rugs, feather cushions and weathered tan upholstery.


Handmade accessories have never been more popular! Thank the Design Gods for finally recognising the talent of our incredible Australian artists. We have witnessed a flurry of gorgeous handcrafted ceramics and resin pieces in our stores lately that provide for some very interesting styling. 


The theory behind artwork has been for some time now ‘Go big or go home!’. Large scale, hand-painted artwork remains the most on-trend item in any home. 

What are your Top 5 Must-Have pieces at the moment?

My top 5 Must-Have items (like a kid in a candy store!) are as follows:

What are some of the trends of the last couple of years that you hope to never see again?

I pray chrome and PU-leather do not show their shiny faces in our homes ever again! 

At the opposite end of the scale, I welcome the resurrection of fashion, and I look forward to witnessing the evolution of design trends in our homes. 

All images courtesy köntrast interiors. To view more of their stunning work or to get in touch with Donna, head to the köntrast website or throw them a follow on the 'Gram.