Looking for a new 'hood?


Moving is no easy feat, so when the time comes you want to make sure the suburb you choose to live in feels just like home. 

With so many fabulous neighbourhoods in Victoria, it can be a difficult decision to come to - so while you are out house hunting it is really important to assess what suburbs would be perfect to support your current and desired lifestyle.

There are a lot of great resources online that can help you in your research, especially when it comes to lifestyle factors or market insights, but often the best thing is just to contact your local area expert for a chat, especially if he or she is local to the neighbouhood you want to be in. But to help get you started we have pulled together a list of criteria you may want to consider while you’re on the prowl for your next home.



It is all good and well to have a dream suburb to live in, but ultimately, it comes down to affordability. If house prices and the cost of living is an issue, start looking to surrounding suburbs to see if they offer what you are looking for, or are close enough for you to still enjoy your dream suburb without the price-tag.



Rely on public transport or freeways to get to and from work? Then you’ll need a suburb that has great PT and easy freeway access. No point living in a suburb with no train line close by if you take the train to work each day! Or if you begrudgingly make a long commute to work, you might want to reduce your travel time by moving to a suburb closer to work.



Have little ones, or plan on starting a family? Then you will need to consider what the local schools are like! Plus, if you’re looking to move in to a house for the long run, you’ll want to research kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools so that you’ve got all your bases covered.



Inner city, trendy urban, family friendly or rural: Most suburbs will fall into these categories, with each category boasting a different lifestyle. Are you a foodie that enjoys nightlife and doesn’t own a car? Inner city living might be for you. Love walking on the beach and a more costal lifestyle? Then the bayside suburbs may be a great option. Whatever it is you need to fulfil your lifestyle, make sure the suburb you plan to move into has it all! We can tell you, if a suburb doesn’t have a great coffee spot, you can count us out! Coffee is our fuel.


Support Network

If you catch up with friends every week, or have close relatives help look after your little ones, then you may want to consider the proximity of your suburb to the different people in your support network. If fact, your support network can also include hospitals, doctors, churches and more; So, it is important to not only think about your close and personal support network, but your support network in the wider community too.

Have somewhere in mind? Stop by for a visit!

We can’t think of a better way for you to get a good feel for the different suburbs you may consider calling home than by going out and visiting them! You’ll not only see what the properties are like in the area, you’ll also get to meet some of the locals, check out the supermarkets, boutiques, parks, food spots and more. So, grab a coffee from the local café and start walking and driving around – you’ll be able to feel whether you’re comfortable and at home.