Buxton Mornington Peninsula celebrates stellar first quarter post-merger: New branding, record listings, and successful office acquisition

Thriving on the Peninsula, unity in branding, and team satisfaction define success

Buxton Mornington Peninsula, under the adept leadership of Holly Longmuir, proudly announces a triumphant first quarter following its seamless merger with the renowned Buxton Group. The team is riding high on success on the Peninsula, marked by a surge in listings, contented staff, and the recent acquisition Crowder Community Real Estate.

"We are three months in, and we haven’t looked back," said Holly Longmuir, Buxton Mornington Peninsula Director. 

“We are so proud of the transition, the progress we’ve made, and how our team rode the wave and aligned itself within the new group.”

The new branding, characterised by its striking black and white aesthetics, has not only revitalised the visual identity but has become a symbol of unity and excellence for the new offices. This branding shift has resonated well with clients and the community, solidifying the team's position in the competitive Peninsula real estate market.

"The success here has been heavily influenced by a renewed sense of purpose, determination, collaboration and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable,” Ms Longmuir said.

Buxton Mornington Peninsula has achieved a record-breaking number of listings in the first quarter, showcasing its market expertise and dedication to client success. The surge in listings not only underscores the team's proficiency but also serves as a testament to the trust clients’ place in people.

"I couldn’t have done this on my own, the unwavering support of not only my leadership team (David, Clayton, Samantha, Tracy, Madeline & James), but the balance of our group has been humbling.” Ms Longmuir said.

“Integrating our new Mount Eliza office has been incredible in so many ways, it’s culturally a wonderful fit. And they have become an expansion of us, and us of them.”

Further strengthening Buxton’s position in the region, the strategic partnership with James Crowder & his team aligns with the vision of delivering unparalleled service and redefining real estate standards on the Peninsula.

The success of Buxton Mornington Peninsula is not just measured in numbers but in the happiness of their team. The unity and satisfaction have been pivotal to achieving the set goals, including the successful retention of staff through the significant company transition.

As Buxton Mornington Peninsula looks ahead, the team is energised about the future, with a united front, a strong brand identity, head office support and a commitment to excellence guiding its journey.

MP Team
Mornington Peninsula Offices