New Year Resolutions That Will Improve Your Home

Improve your home - Home renovation

We all love a good New Year’s resolution, but the catch is sticking to it! So, if improving your home is something you’re itching to achieve in the New Year - to not only update its appearance, but potentially increase its value - we’ve got the tips to make that resolution a reality!

As property prices continue to rise, looking at ways to add value to your home can be a great way to achieve the sales result you’re after, especially because homes that have been meticulously maintained have achieved amazing prices in the last 12 months.

A little elbow grease, time and dedication is sometimes all it takes to really take your property to the next level - And we have 6 tips to ensure you get those jobs done!

Home renovation
Home renovation - decluttering

Whip open your calendar app

If you’ve got multiple projects on your mind about what needs updating before you sell, then schedule them across a period of time that works for you. Space out each task so you don’t feel you’ve suddenly become a slave to your home, or become too overwhelmed and decide to stop before you really get started.

DIY vs Tradies

Some jobs you can do, whilst other may need professional hands. Identify which jobs you can accomplish and those that you will need to engage a specialised tradesperson for, such as an electrician, plumber, tiler, or carpenter. By doing this, you’ll be able to budget each job to ensure you’re not going to break the bank with tradespeople, and determine what materials and tools you’ll need to purchase if you plan to do some jobs yourself.

Buy or hire equipment?

The last thing you want to do is splash out for tools that you’ll only ever use a few times – it can become expensive, not to mention a storage nightmare when you have to figure out where to house the equipment once you’re done. If possible, rent equipment that you’ll only need to use once or twice, and schedule tasks that require the same equipment closely together, so you don’t have to go through the hiring process multiple times.

Get painting!

Break out the brushes and rollers and give your home a wonderful facelift. Whether you’re painting the whole house, a couple of rooms, or maybe even a couple of walls, paint really does wonders for homes to make them feel fresh and rejuvenated. If you need to seek some inspiration for colour schemes, hardware stores like Bunnings have walls of colour swatches you can take samples from, and you can always find great inspiration on social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest.


Seems simple, but decluttering can really transform your home. One way you can go about this is by creating three piles for the clutter – items that can be thrown out, given to family and friends, and donated to charity. It may take some time, but going through your house room by room can make the job manageable.


Improving the home doesn’t just happen inside, the garden is an important element to updating the appearance and feel of your home. It can be great to engage with a local gardener to ensure you are selecting plants that will thrive in your garden and meet your care requirements. Even walking around your neighbourhood can provide excellent inspiration on what you could do to make your garden pop, which is especially important for front facades as its where potential buyers will make their first impression of your property before they even walk through the door.

Want more great tips on how to improve your property in the New Year? Engage one of our fantastic agents to come through your property and give it an appraisal. They can also provide you tailored advice on what they recommend you update before selling to achieve your property goals.

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