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Home renovation, DIY, home styling and interior design has seen a massive resurgence in recent years, thanks to reality TV shows, image-based social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, and the new deities of popular culture, The Social Media Influencer. We asked interior stylist, Donna D’Paul of Köntrast Interiors, for her trend predictions for 2018.

Last year's interior trends saw the continuation of minimalism and Scandi style, as well as greenery and lots of natural textures and materials like timber and marble. Will these trends continue into 2018?

With the welcome of greenery and natural tones in 2017, we witnessed a desire for people to furnish their homes with a sense of calm and tranquility. Nothing has changed just yet; as 2018 comes to a start we continue to see interiors decorated with the use of light natural tones and relaxed textures as they are an ideal complement to our Australian lifestyle and architecture. 

What are you forecasting for the next trends in...

...colour palettes?

Natural tones will continue to be on trend with the addition of textiles in shades of pink and green. Tan leather is also all the rage at the moment and has made a real come-back due to the fact that it coordinates beautifully with both timber and marble furniture. 

...textures and textiles?

Given that the design trend of natural materials is still heavily featured in 2018, relaxed linens will continue to be seen paired with leathers to offer contrast and interest. 

You may have noticed the luscious application of velvet within 2017 interiors, and this will continue to be offered as a luxe contrast to the otherwise relaxed linens. 

...materials (eg rattan, timber, concrete)?

As Scandinavian continues to be the fashion favourite, long lasting and timeless materials such as concrete, light timber, and rattan will be seen throughout 2018 trends. 

...aesthetic styles (eg Minimalism)?

Scandinavian style commonly suggests minimalism. This is because spaces are furnished with a consideration of functionality and lifestyle, allowing each item to be fit for a particular place and purpose. Minimalism allows for materials and finishes to be appreciated in their own integrity as they are not cluttered by an abundance of objects. 

...furniture design?

I would describe this year’s furniture design as ‘Comfort in Simplicity’. Meaning, that there has been an increased interest to purchase furniture which appears to look light and minimal without compromising on comfort and sturdiness. The revival of the classic bentwood chair is a great example of a minimal yet sturdy piece of furniture. 

Any designers/brands we should be looking out for?

Melbourne is known as the design capitol because we are always evolving in all things art, fashion and design.  In 2018 the trend for large art has seen the rise of many incredible artists such as; Wyatt Art, Amanda Parsons and Tracey Mock. 

Abstract art has been hugely popular in the last few years, do you think this will continue? 

Abstract art has been popular for as long as I can remember, however what has changed is the scale in which they are featured in our homes.  The scale of art seems to be getting larger and of a more sculptural/architectural presence. This means that the artwork really embodies the space, you can feel it on an architectural level and indulge yourself in the creative expression of the artist. 

To summarise, what’s in for 2018?

Don’t replace your indoor plants and linen cushions just yet! Scandinavian design is still in fashion which means natural and long-lasting materials such as concrete and light timber will be featured in interiors for a little while yet. Look towards materials such as tan leather and large-scale artwork as your furnishing investments for 2018. 

And what’s out?

Copper and silver furniture items are fading out. Only in well considered or luxe spaces do your still see copper or metallic furniture. Metallic tones are currently more commonly featured in decorative elements such as candles and other small accessories such as platters and bowls. 

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