Spring cleaning 101


The arrival of spring has us all excited for the good times ahead – it’s the season of blossoming flowers, rising temperatures, footy finals, spring racing carnivals, and…spring cleaning!

Seriously, you can’t go past spring without having your annual spring cleaning sesh! While the process may seem daunting or boring and doesn’t pack the excitement of the Melbourne Cup Carnival, trust us when we say it will do wonders for your home.

Not sure where to start? No stress - We’ve got you covered! Peep our checklist of areas you should clean across the different rooms in your home.


Spring Clean - Kitchen 2.jpg


Is there anything worse than splatter inside your microwave? Get your sponge and start wiping!

Cutting boards

You can remove smells and stains from your cutting boards by running a cut lemon over them and giving them a good rinse.


You may need a heavy-duty scrubber to get rid of dirt in your oven, or if you’re oven has a self-cleaning function get it going to remove stubborn grime.


Give all the shelves and interiors a good swipe down to get rid of any spillage - This will improve the appearance and smell.


Make your stovetop shine again by removing any oils, stains and grime from its surface.

Reusable grocery bags

Reusable bags are fantastic, but make sure you give them a good shake and wipe down to ensure no lingering food or waste is left inside. 


Spring Clean - Bathroom.jpg


If your bathroom has white grout, give it some TLC to ensure it stays white and bright. Get yourself grout cleaner and a good scrubbing brush and you’re sorted.

Shower Screen

Remove soap scum with some warm soapy water and a good rinse - Your shower screens will look good as new. 

Living Room

Spring Clean - Living Room 1.jpg

Walls & Ceiling

Make rooms feel instantly brighter by wiping down your walls and ceiling. This is especially great for anyone with kiddies or pets who come into contact with the walls frequently.

If you have ceiling fans, try to remove the dust on top of the blades so when used over summer you’re not spreading dust.


Like shower screens, windows can look fresh and shiny with some soapy warm water and a bit of elbow grease.


Have upholstered furniture and cushions? Get them outside and gently beat them down to remove any dust. You can also vacuum any cervices to ensure they are dust and dirt free.

Wooden furniture can also be wiped down to ensure they are clean and dust free. You may event want to give your wooden furniture a wax, buff and clean.

Curtains & Drapes

Give your curtains and good wipe over to remove any dust. You may also be able to pop them in the washing machine or have them dry-cleaned, however, check care tags to ensure this is possible.  


Spring Clean - Bedroom.jpg


Spring is a great time to go through your wardrobe to clear out any clothing and accessories you are no longer wearing. Why not give all your clothing a squeeze to see if it still brings you joy Marie Kondo style! Have no clue what we’re talking about? Been under a rock for the last year? Read what all that sparking joy stuff is about.


Pillows and doonas don’t need regular cleaning, so spring is the perfect opportunity to give them a clean. Be sure to check all the labels before washing your bedding as they may need special care. 


Spring Clean - Outdoors 1.jpg

Patio Furniture

With the weather warming up, you’ll be lounging outdoors more and more! But before you do, give all your outdoor furniture a wipe down to ensure it is all clean before getting cosy outdoors.

Fertilise Garden

Early spring is the perfect time to give your garden a fresh dose of fertiliser to keep it happy and healthy over the warmer seasons.

Maintain Lawns

Get those lawns looking lush and green over spring by giving them a little TLC. You’ll want them looking and feeling good so they can be enjoyed in the warmer seasons.