Styling your rental like a pro


Decorating and styling is arguably the most enjoyable part of moving in to your new home. But, unlike homeowners, renters have more challenges they need to overcome in order to style their home to make it feel like their own. 

While homeowners can transform their home through renovations ‘The Block’ style, renters need to get more creative – Working with the space they have with no hammers, no drills and no demolition.

While the task may seem daunting or difficult, there’s no need to panic – We’ve got some great home styling tips for renters that can make decorating their rental a dream. 



Whether the property has floorboards or carpets, a great way to enhance the existing flooring is by adding rugs. Rugs can add colour, pattern and texture into your home, and they are a great way to disguise scuffed floorboards or drab carpets. 


Indoor plants

The pot-plant craze is here to stay, so add gorgeous greenery throughout your home to bring some life into your rental. Pot plants are a great way to keep your green-thumb happy, and as an added bonus - the plants can move with you from property to property. 



Many rental properties have neutral colour palettes, which makes adding your own personal touch through colour a breeze. Use throw blankets, cushions and other home décor items to enhance the colouring of the existing property and bring out your personality.


Leaning Artwork

While nails on the walls are a no-no in many rental properties, that shouldn’t stop you from showcasing artwork and personal images throughout your home. An easy way to incorporate art is by simply leaning it! Floors, table tops and shelves make for great leaning locations for your art, and it also works great with mirrors.


Multipurpose furniture 

Need additional storage spaces, or moving into a smaller rental property? Having multipurpose furniture is a great way to tackle these common issues renters face. Furniture with hidden storage compartments or additional shelving can be great space savers to help remove clutter from your home. It also provides renters numerous ways the furniture can be used and styled, so you can keep your home fresh and easily transformable.



Poorly lit properties are no issue when you add additional lighting. A well-lit property can really enhance the feeling of your entire home, so if your home has limited natural lighting and existing fixtures, add floor and table lamps to brighten up your living spaces.



Adding modern and soft curtains can really freshen up your home. Sheer white curtains are a safe option to choose and work in many neutral colour schemed properties, however, updating the curtains in every property may not be an option.

If your rental property has easily removable curtains, carefully store them and swap them out for something more your style.


Work with your property, not against it

You cannot change existing layouts and fixtures in your rental property, so embrace them! If your home has a retro feel, don’t go super modern with your styling – It will look and feel jarring. Instead, work with the property to guide your styling.