WAF announces APA 2018 shortlist


Long Museum West Bund shot by Paweł Paniczko


The World Architecture Festival have announced their shortlist of 20 photographs across four main categories, for this year’s Architectural Photography Awards.

There’s something so striking and evocative about architectural photography but what’s perhaps even more striking is the innate connection between photographers and architecture and how their capturing of a building can be hugely impactful on the viewer. The architectural photographer sees so much life and beauty in form, lines, structure and presence, gifting this ‘life’ to the rest of the world allowing us to consider our own relationships with design, structure and architecture. 

Celebrating the works of the architectural photographer is the World Architecture Festival’s Architectural Photography Awards, now in its seventh year. A varied collection of images ranging from the historic to the brand new, the derelict and the abandoned to the grand and majestic, this year’s awards attracted entries from 47 countries in the categories of Exteriors, Interiors, Sense of Place and Buildings in Use.

The shortlisted entries will be exhibited at WAF in November to be judged by both an expert panel, and visitors to the exhibition who will vote for their favourite piece for the People’s Choice awards.

Scroll down to see our favourite entries and check out the entire short list at Photocrowd.


The Hive in Winter at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew shot by Jeff Eden


Seashore Chapel shot by Ai Qing CreatAR Images


EXT-marius-liutkevicius copy.jpg

Marius Liutkevičius

Lanzarote: a place of colour and shape

Apartment building in Yaiza, Lanzarote, Spain.

EXT-shao-feng copy.jpg

Shao Feng

Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Border Crossing Facility

Photographer - Shao Feng
Building - Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Border Crossing Facility
Country and City - China Macau/Hongkong/Zhuhai
Architect - ECADI


Control copy.jpg

Roman Robroek


This semi-abandoned power station (Kelenfold - Budapest) is a true gem among industrial locations and was once Europe’s most advanced power station. The control room itself has been abandoned for quite some time, but most parts of the location are still in use providing power to a major city nearby.

Vortex copy.jpg


Bloomberg, Vortex

James Newton/Bloomberg HQ/London UK/Foster+Partners


novecentos-reflections copy.jpg

Marco Tagliarino 

Novecento's reflections

This is a view of Piazza Duomo of Milan from the Arengario Balconi (Museo del 900 of the contemporary arts of Milan). This is a view of the two faces of Milan, the modern architecture and our cathedral, one of the most beautiful and huge of the catholic world.

Name of the building: Palazzo dell'Arengario - Museo del 900
Location: Milan, Italy 
Name of the architect: Italo Rota e Fabio Fornasari

contrast copy.jpg



7 a.m. in Chongqing, the swimmers on the riverside and the world's largest Raffles city built by safdiearchitects.


child-gaze copy.jpg

Omer Kanipak 

Child gaze

Children observe the visitors beneath the glass floor of the Hive installation in Kew Gardens, London designed by UK based artist Wolfgang Buttress.


Aldo Amoretti

Azur Arena Antibes

Aldo Amoretti - Azur Arena Antibes - France - Auer Weber with Fradin Weck