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Since the Covid-19 lockdown regulations were put in place, business has been a little different for cafes like Frank’s in Cheltenham. With no option of dining-in yet, we café regulars have to enjoy our coffee and brunch from home, while business owners have had to throw out the old rule book and create new solutions to work around the restrictions.

What many businesses have discovered through this difficult time is how to make social distancing rules work for them. They have created new offerings and explored different ways of doing business that have proved successful; so much so, they may even incorporate them into their business once the restrictions are lifted.

To get the lowdown on what business has been like in the Cheltenham area, we spoke with Frank’s owner, Harry Butler, about what the team love most about their Cheltenham location, what positive insights they have discovered throughout this experience, what takeaway items we all need to get our hands on, and how the community can continue to support them whilst we still remain socially distanced.

How long has Frank’s been open in Cheltenham, and what do you like most about the area? 

Frank’s opened in late 2016 a few days before Christmas. The people that come into Frank’s are the most special thing about the area. All the locals have been so supportive and have embraced exactly what Frank’s is about, community. 

Businesses have had to adapt to a lot of new restrictions that have been enforced to slow the spread of COVID-19. Was it difficult to transition into a takeaway only business? 

It has definitely been an adjustment but the staff and locals are super dynamic and have transitioned seamlessly to takeaways only. 

Have there been any positive insights you have learnt from this experience that you could take away and use in the future? 

It has been great seeing customers come and order a coffee and buy their loaf of bread for the week, or order a cook at home meal for their families for dinner that night. So including more retail products for customers to purchase is definitely something we want to look at moving forward. Convenience for customers is super important in this day and age and is why we’re moving to an online platform as well as our physical retail sight. We want to give customers access to our suppliers and order the best produce through us. 

Another great thing to see has been the resilience of our staff and customers and to know that we are supported even if we’re not offering up our traditional dine in service.  

Takeaway menus have been a great way for cafes to offer customers their delish food and drinks to enjoy at home. What has been the most popular takeaway item people have been ordering? 

Hands down our Egg and Bacon Roll and our Chicken Sandwich. 

What can locals do to show their support to Frank’s during this difficult time? 

I think it’s about supporting each other and understanding that we’re not the only ones struggling either. We try to go the extra mile for our customers and have thus seen that support returned. Our locals continued support is always appreciated and we love seeing our customers' experience with us shared on their social media platforms. 

97 Cavanagh Street, Cheltenham
Monday-Saturday from 7.00 am - 4.00 pm
Sunday from 8.00 am - 3.00 pm
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