Which Sales Method Is Right For Your Property?


There are a variety of different methods you can implement to sell your home, and not every home should be sold the same way.

While you may be aware of the more popular methods, such as auctions and private sale, there may be other ways our Buxton agents can sell your home that might be more suitable for your needs and property type.

1.     Public Auction

This is the most popular method in high demand areas. Competitive bidding can often generate results that exceeds expectations. If your property is in a high demand area where the buyers are flocking, this might be the perfect way to achieve the best result for your property.

2.    Private Sale

This is a popular option as it gives the vendor more control over the selling process. Private sales are often less urgent resulting in less pressure on the vendor to accept an offer. If your goals is to achieve the best result, regardless of the timeline, this could be a great option for you.

3.     Expression of Interest

Part private sale and part blind auction, potential buyers are asked to submit their highest offer by a set date, without knowing the vendors asking price. This can be a great option if you want to encourage offers to be placed within a set timeframe, with the ability to choose the best offer for you. 


4.    Off Market Sale

This option is ideal for sellers who prefer not to advertise their property or run a campaign of formal open-for-inspections. Our agents utilise Buxton’s fantastic network to find interested buyers and show them through the property privately.

5.    Sale by Tender

With a closing date for offers, this method is used for very large properties, major developments, or multiplicity of use. If your property has these qualities, this could be the best option for you when selecting a sales method.

Want to learn more about these sales methods, or would like to arrange an appraisal of your property to kick off your exciting real estate journey? Get in touch with your closest Buxton office today.

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