You wish: 924 Bel Air Road, Los Angeles CA


In this edition of You Wish, our semi-regular column on homes no one can afford, we take a look inside 924 Bel Air Road, Los Angeles, currently on the market for US$250 million. Who's buying it for me?

Created for the billionaire lifestyle, this 38,000 sq ft home cascades over four levels and has a cheeky 17,000 sq ft of outdoor decks and amenities, just in case the house isn’t big enough for you. What does a $250 million view look like? Like an unobstructed 270 deg panorama spanning the mountains to the ocean with Los Angeles sprawled in between.

In the heart of the mega-exclusive Bel Air Enclave, the home includes two master suites and 10 oversized VIP suites. There’s 21 bathrooms, three gourmet kitchens, five bars, a massage studio/wellness spa, state-of-the-art fitness centre, 85-foot glass infinity pool, a 40 seat Dolby Atmos theatre, four-lane bowling alley, automobile gallery, 100+ curated art installations, an outdoor hydraulic pop-up theatre, two fully stocked champagne/wine cellars and a fully stocked candy wall. Phew! This imaginary tour of my imaginary home is exhausting. 

Also, if you think a home this size would be too difficult for you to maintain, never fear, the home also comes with SEVEN FULL TIME STAFF. U. WOT. M8?!

Check out the joint in all its glory in the video above and if you need to know more about your new home, view the listing over at The Pinnacle List.

  • The home has 17,000 sq ft of outdoor entertaining areas...

  • The chopper is an art installation of the original helicopter from the TV series, Airwolf...but you could probs replace it with your actual helicopter.


  • The 85 ft glass infinity pool also provides the setting for an outdoor cinema screen...


  • ...not even joking.

  • And if it's too cold to watch a movie outside, just head inside to your 40 seat cinema with fully reclining leather lounge chairs.

  • The autogallery comes with $30 million worth of prestige cars...or you can BYO...