You wish: Ettore Sottsass' Casa Olableunaga



Disclaimer: if you don't know of Ettore Sottsass, this post will mean absolutely nothing to you. But design nerds, architecture geeks and Memphis fans read on...

The godfather of 80s design, Ettore Sottsass is renowned for leading the Memphis Group, a collective of artists and designers creating products, objects and furniture with a postmodern twist, and were most notorious for their lashings of bright colour palettes, bold pattern and fearless use of shape and form.


Sottsass also dabbled in architecture, designing just seven residences around the world. Three of the homes are in the US and one of those, in Maui, Hawai'i, is currently listed with Sotheby's for around AUD13.5 million (USD9.8 million). 


The home is museum-like, a 'gallery' home holding the works of the legendary designer, showcasing his brilliance to the very last detail. With ocean views and wraparound gardens, Sottsass oversaw every single facet of the build from the residence to the landscaping, right down to the furniture, objects, crockery, flatware, glassware, stationery and pens. 

The two-storey home is comprised of a series of boldly painted 'boxes', framed in black and punctuated with a red gabled structure. The palette, a combination of saturated colour, is a signature of Memphis design. 


Inside, Romanesque arches connect the spaces, and soaring ceilings up to 11ft house three bedrooms. Outdoor features include a 1,500-square-foot wooden deck with a spa, a private courtyard paved in Italian terracotta tiles, and a 520-square foot steel garage, with an electric-car charging station.

The gardens, based on permaculture theory, a system of agricultural and social design principles centred around simulating the patterns of natural ecosystems, includes a ‘tiny little forest’ obscuring the home from the street level, and a small pond in the backyard, inspired by the shape of a Tylenol pill.


For those who don't want to move to Hawai'i (because honestly, why would you want to?), the home's décor and artwork is available to purchase, separate to the home. Maybe I can afford a pen...but probably not.

To view the listing or to see more images, head to Island Sotheby's.

H/T designboom