You Wish: The Hamptons, NY



For our new column, You Wish, we take a look at luxury living and dream homes from around the world. In our first (and let's face it, probably only) instalment, we travel to The Hamptons, NY to eyeball some houses we'll never own, but hey, it doesn't hurt to dream...right?

You're probably familiar with The Hamptons: that somewhat mythical playground reserved only for the rich and powerful, a stretch of Long Island that encompasses around two dozen villages and hamlets where CEOs, socialites, celebs and politicians vacay side-by-side in their little bubbles of affluence and elitism.

Of The Hamptons' villages, 7 have a median house price of around USD1 million. Not much, you say? A further 11 have a median house price of between USD2.2 and USD5.6 million. In 2016, Business Insider reported the most expensive postcode in America was in Southampton hitting a median house price of over USD8 million. Though we may argue there are many Australian burbs that hit median prices in the millions, there's probably not too many places in the world with the same concentration of wealth in such a tiny area. 

Here, we look at how much you'll be forking out should you wish to casually drop a few cheeky mil on a summer house on the exclusive coastline. If it makes you feel better, these are the five most expenno can still pick up a home for under a million bucks. Really. 

Check them out and keep on dreaming, friends...


Properties listed: 133
Median list price: USD5.6 million

Pictured: 135 Crestview Lane, USD45 million


Properties listed: 203
Median list price: USD4.595 million
Pictured: 72 Highland Terrace, USD20 million


Water Mill
Properties listed: 231
Median list price: USD4.295 million

Pictured: 1341 Flying Point Road, USD11.5 million


Properties listed: 164
Median list price: USD3.347 million

Pictured: 15 Greentree Court, USD8.95 million


Westhampton Beach
Properties listed: 165
Median list price: USD2.6 million

Pictured: 143 Dune Road, USD8.5 million