In Your Neighbourhood: Bayside Bliss

Bayside Bliss

Why is Bayside such a sought-after area for many Victorian’s to flock to? There is no one answer to this question, as the benefits of living in the gorgeous area are aplenty. 

Located in the southern suburbs of Melbourne, many residents find that once they’re in Bayside, they’re there for the long haul. While living beachside is an obvious advantage of moving to the magnificent area, there are so many other lifestyle benefits the area has to offer which we explore below…  


If you live in Bayside, you’re bound to find yourself taking advantage of the long stretches of beach in your local backyard. With over 17 kilometres of beachfront to enjoy all year round, if you’re a beach lover or just like the idea of being by the water, Bayside is the area for you. One iconic stretch of Bayside beach features the bright and colourful Brighton Bathing Boxes – a top spot for locals and tourists to visit, they are truly a local gem!  

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Mentone Girls’ Grammar School, Kilbreda College, St Leonard’s College, Mentone Grammar, Brighton Grammar School, St Bede’s College and so many prestigious schools are located in the Bayside suburbs, making this area a fantastic location for families. If education and schools are a high priority when searching for your dream suburbs, the Bayside area should definitely be in your house hunting list.  

Exercise and Recreation  

Golf courses, running, walking and bike tracks, parks and playgrounds, gyms and recreational centres, cinemas, shopping, boating, yachting, fishing - Yep, it’s all here! The area is full of so many amazing lifestyle benefits that only add further appeal to the area – there really is something for everyone.  

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Cafes and Food  

If having a great food culture is on the ‘must-have’ list when searching for a house, you’re in the right area. The café culture along the main streets and beaches is second to none and serve up a fantastic variety of foodie hotspots, like the popular Port of Call in Sandringham or The Baths in Middle Brighton. You are bound to find something to suite any mood or cuisine for any time of the day right across Bayside, giving the area great appeal.  


Driving around the streets in Bayside makes it pretty obvious that the area is home to some amazing properties. Large modern architectural marvels, and stunning Art-Deco, Edwardian & Victorian homes adorn the streets right across the area, making house hunters spoilt for choice on location, size and style when searching for a home. You can tell by the sheer brilliance of the properties that the Bayside area oozes with luxury and class, with many celebrities from Melbourne residing in Bayside, giving the properties in the area an added air of sophistication and allure that makes the area so attractive. 

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