2017 Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Awards

Arcaid Shortlist


From Flickr to Instagram, Google Images to iStock, Facebook albums to Twitter gifs, we now live in a world where imagery, photography and visual stimulation can be far more powerful, inspiring and influential than words. 

For 30 years, UK-based Arcaid Images have been curating a collection of images of the built world including building exteriors, cathedrals, houses and skylines, capturing the changing landscape of architecture over the years. Founders of the Architectural Photography Award, the group celebrates the beauty of buildings and the photographers behind some of the best architectural photography in the world.  

This year’s winner of the Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Award was announced on the final day of WAF17 in Berlin. The winning image is a striking portrayal of the vaulted ceiling above a swimming pool at the Tianjin University, as captured by Terrance Zhang. Sunlight streams through a clerestory and hits the water below in perfect symmetry. See a selection of the shortlisted entrants below.

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Main Image:

Winner of the 2017 Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Award
Swimming Pool of the New Campus of Tianjin University 
Photographer — Terrance Zhang
Architects — Atelier Li Xinggang

Choi Hung Estate, Hong Kong—Fabio Mantovani
Black Rock Lighthouse Service at Burning Man—Tom Stahl
Bosjes Chapel, Cape Town—Adam Letch
Selegie House, Singapore—Siyuan Ma
Samsung Electronics HQ, San Jose—David Crawford
Museum of Pop Culture, Seattle—Conchi Martínez
Derby Arena Velodrome, UK—Martine Hamilton
Ponte City Apartments, Johannesburg—Ryan Koopmans
Office building, Beijing—Tom Stahl