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Revisit the work of our favourite local (and accessible) artists of 2017

The idea of art being only for the wealthy is a little offensive in this day and age. That high-brow attitude and snobbery synonymous with the art scene is far less prevalent, thanks to the emergence of social platforms like Instagram and Etsy, where artists are making their work more accessible to a wider audience. Yes, there's some very, very expensive, collectible original art work out there that many of us can only dream of owning, but does that mean we can't have nice things?

In reproducing and printing their original artwork, artists are giving the everyday punters the opportunity to afford a piece of their work because let’s face it, art is, and should be, for all…unless you’re after an original commissioned work by David Choe, in which case, can you buy one for us, too, please? Uh...thanks.

Here we take a look at the work of some of our favourite local artists of 2017, all of whom not only produce pretty stunning work, but more importantly, go out of their way to ensure they and their work can be accessed and enjoyed by art lovers on every budget.

Main image:

Kirsten Jackson
Can't Help Falling in Love
Limited edition fine art print on canvas
450 mm x 600 mm
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Georgie Wilson
High Hope
Limited edition print on 300 gsm cotton rag paper
600 mm x 600 mm
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Neryl Walker
Jungle Girls
Giclee print on 300 gsm natural cotton rag art paper
420 mm x 594 mm
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Melissa LaBozzetta
Lips of Gold
Gold, Rose and Mixed Leaf
600 mm x 600 mm
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Hannah Nowlan
Deep Rocks
Oil on Italian Magnani Revere silk 100% 300 gsm cotton rag paper
440 mm x 525 mm x 40 mm (framed)
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Brent Rosenberg
Blush Out
Limited edition print on 300 gsm cotton rag paper
420 mm x 594 mm 

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Fi McUtchen
Blue Surrender
Limited edition fine art giclee print on Aquarelle rag
420 mm x 590 mm 
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Corina Wyatt
Candy Floss
Oil on canvas
500 mm x 500 mm
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