Neighbourhood Jam: Sandringham

Sandringham Marina, photographed by Ian Cochrane


Neighbourhood Jam is the go-to-guide for your hood, as written by local residents who have generously given us their hot tips for the area because let's be honest, it's the locals who know best.

This week we chat to Julz Grover who has worked as a Youth Worker at the Mirabel Foundation for a decade, and loves living in Sandringham with wife, Melissa, and young son, Marley. Here he gives us the lowdown on the Sandy lifestyle, from why he settled there to the best spot for a caffeine fix. 

How long have you lived in Sandringham?

3 years

Why do you love it? What made you want to settle here?

We chose to move here from St Kilda, mainly for the beach. We were living in St Kilda and driving to Sandringham every hot day to go for a swim. Plus the Sandringham train makes for a quick trip into the city or MCG.

What's your Sandy routine?

Going for walks to Half Moon Bay and plenty of time spent on the beach.

Best of Sandringham

Coffee: Otto
Breakfast spot: Elefant or Black Squirrel
Date night: Mozambique
Big night: The Sandy
Local: Hobsons
Late night food: Sandy's Fish & Chips
Grocery store/providore: Bay Rd Fruit & Deli Market
Boutique: Trombie Toys
Recreational activity: Stand up paddle boarding at the beach
Must see/do/experience: fish and chips with a couple of beers on the beach, watching the sunset.

Half Moon Bay, photographed by Peter Gawthrop
Melrose Street, photographed by Ian Cochrane