Get ready to see these trends everywhere in 2018...



Pinterest shares its predictions for what they think will be the most pinned for 2018

If you’ve ever been down the Pinterest rabbit hole, you’ve probably figured that it has become one of the most truly influential social media platforms of the digital age. Traversing the void between the screen and real life, people plan their weddings, lifestyles, diets, homes, restaurants, bars, wardrobes and holidays according to Pinterest, and interior styling is a classic example of just how Pinfluential and Pinspirational it is. Pun totally intended.

Each year, Pinterest looks at what its 200 million users are pinning the most, finding the Top 100 pins across several categories ranging from fashion, travel, wellness, food, parenting, and of course, home and styling. Pinterest’s interior trend forecast for the new year covers colour, pattern, tiling, wall coverings, furnishings and more. 

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Sage Green

The muted version of 2017's Greenery is more neutral, toned-down and calming than its lush, tropical inspired predecessor, and probably a bit easier to use than Pantone's Colour of the Year, Ultra Violet.

Image via Bloglovin - Home


Resort-style decor

Think spa-inspired bathrooms and decor, cane, rattan and bamboo furniture, loads of healthy indoor greenery, minimal clutter and calm, tranquil furnishings and take a trip to Rancho Relaxo in your own home. 

Image via Village Stores


Statement doors

Brightly coloured, grand entrances will be making a bold statement in 2018. We're particularly enamoured by the vintage, timber doors framed by greenery, vines and flowers, reminiscent of European old world charm. 

Image via Buse Uysal


Bone inlay

Kinda like those souvenirs that either gave you an anxiety attack during the bartering process, or got completely ripped off for, bone inlay furniture and decor is making a huge impact. From coffee tables to bedside drawers and trinket boxes, you'll be kicking yourself for not buying up big on that last trip to Asia.

Image via West Elm on Pinterest



Anyone born before 1990 would be so familiar with the terrazzo floor seen everywhere from schools to corner stores and supermarkets. Now, the OG flooring is making a very cool comeback, featuring not just on floors, but walls, bench tops, decor, accessories and patterning. 

Image via Yellow Trace


Wall Art

Banish blank space (on your wall, not the Taylor Swift song, but okay, that too) with big prints and art work, wall paper, gallery walls and murals. Art and wall coverings are becoming much more affordable and accessible these days, and every home always deserves a spot or ten on the wall for beautiful piece of art, galleries and coverings.

Image via Etsy


The Fifth Wall

And speaking of walls, we'll be thinking outside the box and looking up to the ceiling for some 'fifth wall' inspo. Expect to see ceilings wrapped in wall paper for an interesting new perspective on our living spaces. 

Image via Apartment Therapy


Mixed Metal Decor

Metallics always seem to be trending, usually in the one form like copper, rose gold or brass. Next year, we'll be mixing up all the metallics by throwing them altogether using interesting objects, palettes and textures.

Image via Nyde


Patterned Plants

This year we became completely obsessed with greenery and indoor plants. We'll be continuing this obsession into 2018 with the rising popularity of patterned plants with lots of detail and structure.
Image via Doehetzelf Mag on Pinterest