The 80s revival



Homes built in the 1980s are slated to be the next big reno boom, says HIA.

Perhaps one of the most beloved decades of our generation, the 80s were responsible for big hair, bubble skirts, pop music and Marty McFly. Here in Australia, the decade was also responsible for some interesting architectural styles from bland brick homes to bold, brash McMansions. The good news is, if you own an 80s home today, you may be sitting on a gold mine. 

Findings in a recent Renovations Roundup from HIA suggests houses built in the 80s are due for renovation. 

“The boom in house building in [the] late 1980s is set to provide big opportunities in the renovations market over the next decade,” says HIA Senior Economist, Shane Garrett.

“Our analysis shows a strong correlation between the volume of renovations work and the age of the housing stock. 

“The more houses between 30 and 35 years of age, the greater the need for renovations and improvements.

“The really good news is that the number of houses in the key renovations age group will increase substantially over the next decade – a result of record volumes of detached house building during the late 1980s. Houses belonging to the ‘1980s Club’ will become increasingly ripe for renovations work over the coming years.” Mr Garret added. 

Mr Garrett also notes the increase in employment opportunities in the renovations market indicates confidence and stability in

“Also encouraging are the results of the latest HIA Renovations Market Survey which indicate that two in every five of those operating in the renovations market intend to increase their employee headcount over the next 12 months. This is a strong vote of confidence in the durability of the current renovations market recovery.”

HIA forecasts a rise in home renovation activity with a $3 billion increase in the value of the renovations market from $32 billion in 2017 to $35 billion in 2020. 

Parakeet Cottage

The Interiors Addict's Amy Collins Walker looked at the transformation of Parakeet Cottage, built in 1982 and recently renovated by Maria Baron of Black and White Projects. See some before and after images of the cottage below, or head to the Interiors Addict to read the full article.

Parakeet-before-front-of-house-1280x853.jpgBEFORE Parakeet Cottage 

Parakeet-cottage-front-1280x853.jpgAFTER Parakeet Cottage

Parakeet-before-kitchen-1280x853.jpgBEFORE kitchen

Parakeet-cottage-kitchen-1280x853.jpgAFTER kitchen

Parakeet-cottage-kitchen-window-1280x853.jpgAFTER servery

Parakeet-cottage-servery-1280x853.jpgAFTER servery

Parakeet-before-lounge-1280x853.jpgBEFORE lounge

Parakeet-cottage-lounge-1280x1280.jpgAFTER lounge

Parakeet-before-bathroom-1280x853.jpgBEFORE main bath

Parakeet-main-bath-1280x853.jpgAFTER main bath

Parakeet-before-bedroom-1280x853.jpgBEFORE master bedroom

Parakeet-cottage-master-bedroom-1280x853.jpgAFTER master bedroom

Photography: Rikki Lancaster