Agent Life - The Lockdown Edition: Peter Burley



In our column, Agent Life: The Lockdown Edition, we catch up with our Buxton agents at home to find out what they've been up to since lockdown restrictions were imposed in August.

Going into Stage 3 Lockdown has allowed Buxton Ballarat Director, Peter Burley, to gain a new perspective on the work-life balance and the importance of spending as much time as possible with family and friends. Here he chats about the impact of the restrictions on Victoria's real estate market, how lockdown has helped him appreciate the little things in life and what he's looking forward to most in the post-Covid world. 

What’s your prediction for the post-Covid market?

The real estate industry is so resilient. I think there will be an even further push for those living in Melbourne Metro to move regionally after all this. For many, we offer such a wonderful and affordable lifestyle and this will be the catalyst for so many to ‘get out of the rat race’.  

What’s been the upside of lockdown for the industry?

The upside for our industry during all this like most, is the adaption of technology. Buxton have always been at the forefront of technology but this has enhanced some features and capabilities and forced our hands a little to embrace it even further as individuals and a community.

How will lockdown help the industry?

 To become more resilient. I know we’ve all heard it before but as an industry, we are all in this together and the lockdowns have shown how important it is to work together, not against each other; to share ideas, share information and become the best people we can be.

How will lockdown help you as an agent?

I’ve learnt to appreciate the small things in life so much more. Time, time we took for granted. I’ve loved having dinners with my kids, playing cards and board games with them and sharing more family time together.

Who are you isolating with?

My gorgeous wife and 2 beautiful children, Imogen and Lachlan. 

What’s one thing you really took for granted Before Lockdown?

Sharing a beer with my mates.

What’s one thing you’ve learned about yourself during lockdown? 

I’ve learnt that life is busy, always -  but there’s nothing more important than making time for friends and family. Forget the excuses, just turn up.

Describe your lockdown routine?

We are extremely fortunate in Ballarat that we haven’t been in ‘full lock down’. Only stage 3 here regionally so our work / life balance and routines hasn’t changed much from the norm. Just a few less dinners and functions to go to! 

What’s your favourite lockdown activity?

Listening to music and playing Uno with my kids.

What’s your hot tip for post lockdown life? 

I couldn’t think of anything more special than getting out with family or friends and supporting local.

Book into your favourite restaurant, get down to your local café, pub or bistro and start to spend some money locally and help get their businesses up and running again. 

Beyond that, in a similar vein, book in a night away. I think it will still be some time before we can travel either interstate or internationally so book a night away somewhere within Victoria.   

What’s the first thing you’ll do post lockdown?

Organise a dinner and few drinks with close friends and family.

Where’s the first place you’ll eat?

Ballarat has so, so many wonderful food eateries its hard to pick just one. In saying that, one of my favourites is a wonderful restaurant called ‘Moon and Mountain’.

Where’s the first place you’ll travel? 

To Curl Lewis (near Ocean Grove) to meet our beautiful new little nephew, Bentley! Cannot wait for cuddles.

What’s on your Spotify heavy rotation?

All my friends know that I absolutely LOVE the 80’s classics ha ha…

What shows are you hammering on Netflix?

Honestly, I don’t really watch much Netflix. Just sport. A few movies from time to time. I recently watched Bad Boys for Life – very funny.

Peter Burley is the Director of Buxton Ballarat and can be contacted via mobile on 0402 220 356 and email, or you can follow Pete on Instagram @peterdburley_buxton_ballarat.

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