Get It Done: Organising Your Home

Home organisation


In our series, Get It Done, we look at all those little projects around the house you’ve been avoiding for so long. In this edition, we give you some great tips and tricks on how to make home organisation a breeze. Let’s get it done!

Getting organised can be a task and a half, and just the thought of actually going through and sorting all of your things can be daunting. But what we have learnt about home organisation is that it is super rewarding, full of colour, and helps get rid of the excess things you don’t need cluttering your space and mind. What got us on the home organisation train? The Home Edit.

After recently binge watching The Home Edit’s Netflix show Get Organized we have been inspired to get our house in order. Using The Home Edit’s principles, we are going to give you the low-down on how to take your regular tidying to the next level to completely transform the way you manage your home.

There are three steps The Home Edit go through when organising different spaces in your home: editing, categorising and containing.  


Go through the items in your cupboards, drawers, surfaces and rooms to sort through what you want to keep and use, donate, throw away or hold onto as keepsakes. Simply going through all your things is a great first step. You never know what gems you will find, what items you forgot you had, and what you realise you don’t use or need anymore. After you have edited the items in a space, you can clearly see what you have to work with and re-organise.


After sorting through your things, it is time to categorise them. This will make spaces look more uniform and cleaner, easier to find different items, and give all of your things a real place to live within the spaces you have available. Categorising items can be sorted by the way it is used, how often it is used, who uses it and even by colour.

For example, when organising your wardrobe, you can separate your clothing into tops, pants, skirts, jackets and dresses. After that you can to take it to the next level by going through each category and sorting them by colour to make searching for outfits and putting away your clothes that much easier.


Once you have your categories, the next step is to contain them. The way they are contained needs to be practical and easy to manage ongoing, as there is no point sorting things in an extravagant way if you know you won’t be motivated to continue doing it ongoing.

Containment can be done by putting items in existing wardrobes, cupboards and rooms, but sometimes these existing spaces don’t offer the variety of containment options you need to really stay organised. The Home Edit team love using clear containers, jars, tubs, lazy susans, document holders and more to contain items. It ensures that you can see what you have so you know when you need to top up, replace and return items back to where they live. The Home Edit have lots of inspiration and products available on their website which you can peep here.

So now you’ve got the steps, it is time to get organising! Tackle it room by room and you’re sure to have your home organised like a pro.
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