Chelsea's best team joins the Buxton family



Buxton will strengthen their position in the Bayside area, welcoming a new team to Chelsea, led by directors Daniel Wright, Bianca Keleher and Katrina O’Brien.

Daniel and Bianca have decades of experience in Chelsea’s real estate landscape. Raised in the area, both directors and much of their team, have a unique personal connection to the neighbourhood they’ve called home for many years. 

This summer, the area’s market leaders just got stronger, combining forces with Katrina O’Brien, one of the most respected agents from Parkdale through Chelsea.

Formerly of hockingstuart, Daniel, Bianca and their entire team already have a well-established and strong presence in the local market, and though they may be under a new brand, they bring the same familiar faces, the same depth of knowledge and insight, the same expertise and results, and their highly respected reputations to the growing Buxton network.

‘It’s very exciting for us to welcome Bianca, Daniel and their entire team to Buxton. The energy, experience and expertise within the Chelsea team is second to none, and we’re proud they now call Buxton ‘home’,’ says Buxton Chief Executive, Nathan Jones.

‘The partnership with Katrina, who has been one of our very best agents for the past decade, further enhances the relative strength of the office,’ he continues.

‘We pride ourselves on our expertise and customer service, which has made Buxton bayside’s most respected brand of real estate since 1861. The Chelsea market has been one we’ve wanted to bring the same level of expertise and customer service to, and we have no doubt we’ve formed the right team of experts for the job. 

‘We’re looking forward to working with them, to continue to deliver the results they consistently achieve and supporting the community they are actively a part of,’ Jones concludes.