Dulux Winter Colour Trends That Will Transform Your Home

Dulux 2022 Winter Trends

It is amazing how much colour can impact the way you feel in a space, and the most important space you should carefully consider colour in is your home.

The introduction of a new colour palette is one of the simplest ways you can refresh and transform your home, especially as we dive into the cooler winter months, so if you’re feeling stuck or uninspired at home, it might be time for a winter project – a colour change.

Dulux is always our first stop when it comes to colour inspiration. Their 2022 colour trends are titled Flourish, Restore, and Wonder, and Dulux recommends that people really explore the colour Restore for the winter months…let’s take a look below!


When you’re at home, you want to feel comfortable, especially as the weather is getting colder, and the Restore colour palette is all about amplifying the warm, cosy feelings you want from a home all through the use of colour. This very neutral and natural inspired palette works beautifully when layered with other monochromatic colours and natural materials such as stone, raw timber and linens. Think soothing, relaxing and serine.

The colours include moss, buttercream, clay, rich forest green, pumice, charcoal-purple – trust us, they all look just as good as they sound!

To see how this colour is utilised in different spaces, Dulux decorated two different spaces to get your creativity flowing. See the before and after shots below, along with more inspiration images. 

The 2022 lookbooks were styled by Bree Leech and photographed by Lisa Cohen.

For all the suppliers used for the styling, visit the Dulux website here.

Dulux Winter Colour Trends 2022
Dulux 2022 Winter Trends
Dulux 2022 Winter Trends
Dulux 2022 Winter Colour Trends