Get Out: 06-08 April



This weekend's weather is forecast to hit 30ºC this Sunday, an unusually warm day for this time of year. 

So unusual, it might in fact be a trap...perhaps Mother Nature is playing a dirty, nasty trick on us, drawing us all out in our boardies and togs to hit the beach, only to hit us with thunderous storms and lightning strikes.

But if not, it's a good weekend to Get Out! Enjoy the warm Autumn weather! Go do something! Have a great weekend everyone!


Image via Hampton Rovers


Hampton Rovers FC v Kew FC
Boss James Park

We're proud to support the Hampton Rovers who'll be kicking off their VAFA season this Saturday at home against Kew. The first bounce for the Seniors will be from 2 pm, so get down and show the boys plenty of love.

Central Geelong Locations

I had an iPad once. Now my niece uses it and cracks the sads as soon as it's taken away from her. She knows how to turn it on, she knows the icon for YouTube, she knows how to navigate through the videos, she knows how to press play/stop and how to search. She's not even two years old. Once I told her to go read a book and she chucked a massive tanty. Anyways, I'll still attempt to take the small demon child to Geelong's Story Fest this weekend, a celebration of books, storytelling, characters and more...we'll probs have to take the iPad, but...


John Butler Trio
Leura Park Estate

Having to postpone their Leura Park gig back in March due to torrential weather, the John Butler Trio will be joined by Kim Churchill and Mama Kin Spender in a performance at the winery this Saturday. The original gig had sold out, but it looks like the change of date has freed up some tickets so get on down from 1 pm.


Image via Dive2U


Marine Sanctuary Snorkel Adventure
Ricketts Point

I can tell you from personal experience that snorkelling's pretty fun, despite being a lazy, non-sporty/athletic, outdoor-activity hater who spends a lot of time on the couch eating Maccas, drinking beer and armchair supporting my footy team. Anyways, the good peeps at Dive2U have organised a snorkel adventure at the beautiful marine sanctuary, Ricketts Point, with marine biologists and snorkel guides to show you what's what under the sea. 



Orthodox Easter
Hellenic Republic

I used to date a Serbian dude. One of the best things about dating him was that his family celebrated Orthodox Easter which is heaps better than Normal Easter. If you're one of the few families who won't be celebrating at home, try checking in to George's Hellenic Republic for a $75 set menu lunch at all Hellenic venues. If anyone has any spare seats at their lunch table, though, DM me.