Get Out: Labour Day Weekend Edition



There are two things we Strayans love: public holidays and complaining. So whilst we may complain that far too many of our public holidays are bunched together in the few months of the year, it doesn’t dispel the fact that we, as a nation, have about eight million public holidays in total, many of which are for reasons that are still unbeknownst to pretty much all of us. 

This is one of our favourite long weekends, given it’s at that lovely Summer-Autumn cusp where the weather’s still warm, but could in fact turn on us at any moment. March Madness is upon us, with so much going on this month including the Food and Wine Festival, the start of the Comedy Fest, the Flower Show and some car race most Melburnians forgot about almost as soon as we were told we’d be hosting it back in 1996. 

But back to this weekend…see our picks for the best of the weekend, then get out and do stuff. Happy Labour Day Weekend, fam!

Main image via South Melbourne Market


Whisky & Dreams
Starward Distillery

Presented by purveyors of Australian-made spirits, Nip of Courage, this weekend’s Whisky & Dreams tasting at Port Melbourne’s Starward Distillery will showcase a bunch of regional distillers from McHenry’s in Tassie to NSW’s Corowa Distilling Co. With more and more Aussie spirits entering the market, it’s probably a good time to get up close and personal with these spirits and the excellent makers behind them.


Ballarat Begonia Festival
Ballarat Botanical Gardens

One of Victoria’s most popular regional events, the Ballarat Begonia festival is back this Labour Day weekend with plenty of horticulture and gardening exhibits, floral displays, market stalls, activities for the whole family, food vendors, a wine bar and a beer garden (let’s be honest, they’re my favourite kinda gardens). Get all the details at the link above. 


Port Phillip Mussel and Jazz Festival
South Melbourne Market

Does anyone else find it weird that my better half eats oysters but not mussels or clams? He also eats lobster, but not crab, raw salmon or tuna sashimi, but not any form of cooked salmon or tuna…it’s almost as though he’ll only eat the most expensive version of seafood. He’d probs be really annoying to take to this weekend’s Port Phillip Mussel and Jazz Festival at the South Melbourne Market. A celebration of the humble mollusc and its versatility in cuisines from across the world, many of the market’s restaurants will be peddling their version of the shellfish. There’ll also be plenty of other seafoods slinging about, as well as live jazz music reminiscent of a New Orleans street party/crawfish boil. Get it into ya.


Donut Fest
Gasworks Market

If mussels and seafood aren’t your jam, maybe some jam in the ole donut will tickle your fancy instead. What could be better than a donut and beer festival? Probably nothing at all. In the world. Ever. As well as donut vendors including Holy Bombolino, The Oakleigh Donut Co and Goldeluck’s Bakeshop, there’ll be gelato, savoury foods and of course, alcoholic beverages…because let’s be honest, we only go where the booze at.


Beehive Fashion Market
Jewish Museum of Australia

In partnership with the VAMFF, Jess and Stef Dadon have curated a collection of locally made clothing and accessories, as inspired by the style of the late Amy Winehouse. Here, the Jewish Museum (who are still exhibiting the excellent Amy Winehouse exhibition) will turn their carpark into a market, where you can pick up your new favourite pieces from some of Melbourne’s most exciting emerging designers.