Insta-worthy Interior Decor Trends

Insta worthy interior trends

Instagram is the ultimate inspiration hub that covers everything from fashion and interiors, to travel destinations, cooking ideas and more. By simply following the right brands, people and hashtags, you can be introduced to the latest new trends that are gaining popularity right across your feed so you can stay up to date with what is worthy for the ‘Gram. 

Compare My Move has made the search for Insta-worthy home trends even breezier by finding the most mentioned décor trends on Instagram as measured by the number of hashtag mentions they’ve received, and ranking them accordingly.

Want to peep the 10 most popular interior design trends according to Instagram? See the list below.


House Plants

With over two million Instagram posts with the hashtag #houseplants, it is no surprise that house plants were ranked top dog for Instagram’s most trendy interior décor items. 

Gallery Walls

Next up on Compare My Move’s list, with over one million hashtags was the classic #gallerywall. Whether they are hung randomly or in perfect organisation, these gallery walls are clearly resonating with interior lovers. 

Neon Signs

Fun and vibrant is the best way to describe the #neonsign trend, and it is no wonder that they have become a hugely popular interior trend on Instagram. These eye-catching décor pieces make a statement wherever they are hung, which is why we are seeing them on our Instagram feeds.  

Upcycled Furniture

With a growing desire to be more environmentally friendly, this is a trend many people are happy to get around. Upcycled furniture and vintage design pieces are becoming a very popular interior design choice – with the hashtag #upcycledfurniture used in more than 400,000 Instagram posts as of December 2019. 


A design element that is not new on the scene yet is still capturing people’s attention is #shutters, with the trend being the featured element in over 378,000 Instagram posts according to Compare My Move. 

Kitchen Islands

Kitchens and island benchtops are a match made in heaven. #kitchenislandhas been posted over 376,000 times, making this trend well and truly worthy of a place on this list. 

Feature Walls

Accent walls in contrasting colours, wallpaper or entirely new materials are a hit on Instagram, with over 220,000 hashtag mentions by the platform’s users. Having a #featurewall can add depth, playfulness and interest into a room, so it is no surprise that the trend has made it onto the list. 

Pallet Furniture

Similarly to upcycled furniture, #palletfurniture seems to be a hit with Instagram users. Pallets are featured in DIY home décor projects, as well as professionally made pieces featuring the material. 

Macramé Plant Hangers

Boho lovers, we are very pleased to report that macramé plant hangers have made it onto our list. Over 195,000 people have shared pics of their #macrameplanthanger, curbing our relaxed boho chic interior décor cravings.  

Log Burners

If you love a fireplace, then start searching for #logburner on your Instagram feed. This growing trend has over 165,000 hashtag mentions on Instagram, showcasing a more rustic and cozy side to Instagram’s interiors trends.