Buxton celebrate ‘One Team’ at their first IWD event.

As this foreshore is home to the Seagalls, a women’s swim group who brave the waters all year round, Elwood Bathers was a fitting venue for Buxton’s first International Women’s Day breakfast.

The mimosas flowed on the morning of March 8, as 120 Buxton team members arrived at the foreshore restaurant for a culinary breakfast feast. Directors, property managers, salespeople, marketers, administrators and everyone in between were there to celebrate their women colleagues, clients, friends and family, as well as hear from two keynote speakers.


Welcoming Jacqui Felgate

Renowned journalist and TV presenter Jacqui Felgate needed little introduction, with the applause still ringing long after she’d taken to the podium.

As a young, ambitious woman, Jacqui’s relentless pursuit of that first break had eventually paid off when the Herald Sun offered her a position. Despite being told, time and again, that ‘you’ll never make it’, she proved them all wrong, not by conforming but remaining true to her authentic self. So authentic, in fact, that a clip of her went viral globally.

Not content to excel as a political journalist, Jacqui transitioned to the male-dominated arena of sports broadcasting and then onto running her own business. The latter in the hope it would allow her more quality time with her husband Michael and their two young children.

Today, Jacqui can add social media identity to her long list of credits. Her Instagram is the daily go-to for everything from COVID updates to traffic bottlenecks, lost pets, and other relevant news stories for local Melburnians. Her reliable and speedy bulletins often beating the major reporting outlets to the punch, resulting in a loyal following.

Reflecting on her journey, Jacqui expressed regret at not having started her own business earlier, emphasising the importance of having time for family. She called for employers to support working mothers and urged women to prioritise personal happiness. Her story is testament that perseverance pays off when pursuing a fulfilling work-life balance.

Applauding Holly Longmuir 

As the first woman board member with Buxton, leading the Mornington Peninsula Office, Holly Longmuir was warmly welcomed by the enthusiastic audience.

Having clocked up 30 years in what is still a male-dominated industry, Holly is a shining example, not only of business acumen but also as an advocate for gender equality.

On the morning, Holly’s passionate delivery was well received. ‘We grow together,’ she summed up as she left the podium, a statement the audience agreed with loud and clearly.

The event, the first of many, solidified the Buxton Group’s commitment to a ‘one team’ mentality, where everyone is respected, valued and supported as important team members.

Jacqui Felgate
Holly longmuir IWD